Hey there, my name is David and welcome to Adventure Monkey.  This is my blog or diary about my trip to Australia.

Before we get to the really interesting stuff, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am 23 and come from Scotland, although I have some family roots that stretch down to Australia.  One expression that most of my friends and family members refer to me by is an “adventure monkey” which is why I picked that as the name for this blog/journal.  It is true though, there is nothing I like more than getting out in the great outdoors.

Whether it is bungee jumping, sky diving, mountain climbing, orienteering, kayaking, endurance and marathon running, cycling and many more, anything that involves exciting things out and about in the countryside is how I like to spend my free days.

It isn’t surprising really as growing up in Scotland I was taught by my parents to be proud of my Scottish heritage and we often took trips up to Aviemore, Inverness and many other places from the Highlands to Dumfries to the coastal areas and many of the idyllic and beautiful islands that Scotland has to offer.

This undeniably had an effect on the type of adult I turned into and I will never stop being thankful to my mum and dad for instilling that love of the countryside and doing things outside regardless of the weather.

It is this thirst for adventure that I have had throughout my life that leads me to one of my biggest adventures, the one I will be speaking about mostly on this blog – my trip to Australia.  Yes, I am planning on a long trip to Australia to see my relative and friends out there.  I am also planning on working there while I am there and if I am totally honest and enjoy my time there, I can seriously see me moving out there on a more permanent basis.  We shall see.

In this blog I will take you, my readers, through the whole process from planning ideas about planning my trip, what to pack, visa related information, the kind of work I could do while I am out there and where I want to visit.

I also plan on detailing a little about my trip once I actually arrive in Australia, so you will find out if all this researching, planning and organising was worth it in the end.  Not that I doubt it will be, but you can never tell what the future holds and how different situations and adventures turn out and where they lead you – that is why I love the idea of adventurous travelling and life in general.  It’s always full of surprises.

I hope you find this blog entertaining, interesting and informative as you are maybe planning a similar type adventure.  If you aren’t, then maybe after learning about my experiences you will want to live more like an adventure monkey too!