3 Great Advantages of Mini Cruises

3 Great Advantages of Mini Cruises

If you have always wanted to try something different from the type of holiday you normally go on, you might be considering cruises.  In the following article we will look at 3 reasons why you should seriously look at the various mini cruises, also known as sampler cruises, on offer as an alternative short holiday. 

They Are Ideal For First Time Cruisers

Cruises can be daunting for people who are not used to them, so if you are interested in one day going on a long 8 to 15 night cruise, it is a good idea to get some experience beforehand.  Mini cruises provide that experience and will help you find answers to some of the questions you have such as What if I get seasick?, What if I don’t like the food? And Will I get bored?

Mini cruises generally are only for 3 to 5 nights, which doesn’t feel so long that it’s a big commitment but gives you enough time to acclimatise to what it is like to sleeping, eating and living on s ship temporarily.  Then, if you like it, you will feel better about booking a longer cruise at some point in the future, and if you don’t then you haven’t spent the best part of 2 weeks suffering out on the rough ocean waters.

They Are Comfortable and Convenient

Mini cruises also suit the more avid cruisers, as they are a good way to get that cruise holiday experience; even if you do not have the free time to spend on a longer trip.  On shorter journeys, you still get to experience the dining options, amenities and atmosphere of proper cruises, just in a much smaller dose.  This should be enough to tide (pardon the pub) the most enthusiastic cruiser over until they have time to take a longer trip.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if budget is one of the reasons why you can’t go on a longer cruise trip, mini cruises are reasonably cheap.  For instance, it costs less to book a mini cruise than it does to book just 4 nights at a certain woodland-situated leisure park.

Destination discovery

Everyone has heard and possibly been on a short break holiday before, particularly those cheap beach holidays or European city breaks.  However, a great advantage to choosing a mini cruise instead of one of the land-based options is that instead of seeing just one place on your holiday, you will get to see a selection of places.  Spending 3 to 6 nights on a cruise ship enables you to explore new and exciting places and the itineraries that you can choose from offer enough variety that means you will have a diverse, cultural experience on your trip as well.

Another advantage of choosing a mini cruise for your next short holiday is that by departing from a UK port, you cut out a lot of the time spent in airport departure lounges that usually eats into your actual holiday time.  This means as soon as you step onto the cruise ship, your holiday can begin.  What’s more, by travelling to the port city the day before your boat leaves, you can add more holiday time.

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