4 Awe-inspiring Destinations to Cruise to from Australia

Australia is an amazingly vast and diverse country, brimming with culture and adventure. But it’s also a country that makes a great starting point for cruising to other destinations. Between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Australia is perfectly positioned for visits to the South Pacific, as well as Southeast Asia. New Zealand is relatively close. And smaller islands such as Vanuatu and New Caledonia make for wonderful adventures. The sea surrounds Australia (so says their national anthem), so you can take off for a cruise in just about any direction. Read on for some of the best places to cruise to from the Australian coast.

New Zealand


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New Zealand may seem like the obvious choice when you’re in Australia. But it’s a country that you shouldn’t miss when you’re so close. In reality, the two countries aren’t too close to each other, with nearly 1,500 miles between their closest points. A cruise between these two great countries provides opportunities to experience their individual cultures. Many cruises from Melbourne stop at the Australian island of Tasmania along the way. Then you can continue to Auckland, explore New Zealand’s fjordlands and visit the capital of Wellington.



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The islands of Vanuatu are perfect for beach lovers, but there’s much more to this destination too. These tropical islands will reveal their teeming marine wildlife when you visit from Australia. You’ll also find glistening waterfalls and friendly locals. There are 83 islands in this archipelago, all featuring interesting tribal cultures and amazing scenery. The water is warm and clear, and perfect for a spot of diving. You can visit several islands on a cruise to Vanuatu, including Mystery Island, Santo and Champagne Bay.



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People may see Hawaii as a destination to cruise to from the coast of mainland America. But you can enjoy a long and leisurely cruise to the islands from Australia too. With Hawaii as your last port of call, there are plenty of fascination places to stop along the way. These include American Samoa and Tahiti. When you arrive in Hawaii, there’s no need to turn around and go straight back to Australia. Why not have a relaxing stay on one of the islands, maybe Oahu or Maui? You’ll find volcanoes, surfing and sandy beaches in Hawaii, so make your stay whatever you want it to be. Then you can choose to go back to Australia or continue to somewhere new.



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Starting from the north of Australia, or cruising along the coast, you can call at several destinations in Indonesia. Bali is always a popular choice with travelers. It provides idyllic beaches and great surfing opportunities. Nature lovers should take a cruise that includes Komodo Island. Here you’ll see komodo dragons and a plethora of other land and sea life. Indonesia is a fascinating country and has something for everyone. Whether you like history and culture, sports, food and drink or just lounging on the beach you’ll love Indonesia.

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