4 Ways Changing Your Phone Can Give You a Better and More Adventurous Trip

4 Ways Changing Your Phone Can Give You a Better and More Adventurous Trip

If you are planning an adventurous trip then the chances are that you will be taking your mobile phone away with you.

However, what if you plan to let it help you enjoy the trip more? You can expect your phone to do more than just give you a way of staying in touch with people while you are away.

Sell Your Old Phone for More Travel Cash

Probably the simplest way to get your phone to enhance your adventures is to sell it. No, really. By doing this you get some cash for your phone that you can use to buy a better one before you travel. Having a great new phone for your trip will see you set off in a great mood and eager to try out all of the features it offers. Of course, you won’t want to sell the phone you use without having a new and better one lined up. If this isn’t the case then what about selling an old phone you have lying around, to make some money? If you do this then you will have some extra money to spend on your travelling, which is never a bad thing.

Get More Space for Apps

So, what if you sell the phone you currently use in order to buy a better one? There are some big advantages to doing this and perhaps the best one is that you can get more space to load it with apps. There are some wonderful apps out there for adventurous souls, from Google Maps to plan your trip to language learning apps and augmented reality ones. With a good selection of these on your phone you will feel that your new phone is a big part of the whole travel experience.

Get a Better Camera

Are you often frustrated by the fact that you can’t take the top quality photos you would like to on your travels? Whether you would like to take selfies on a roller coaster or stunning images of mountains and lakes, a really good camera will add a lot to the overall travel experience. A good move if you are in the situation of having a poor camera (or no camera) on your phone is to sell it and pay the difference for one with a top camera. This will save you taking away a separate camera and will make it far easier to take and share snaps.

Update your Music

A big part of the whole adventure experience is the music. No matter how action-packed a trip is, you are sure to still find some time to listen to your favourite music along the way. In fact, in this way certain songs will automatically become associated with the trip in your brain. This means that in the future just hearing a fragment of those songs will transport you back to your trip. Most people end up clogging up their phones with old music they no longer listen to. If you get a new phone with a lot of storage space then it is like starting out all over again and building your ideal music collection from scratch.

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