5 Holiday Destinations Perfect For Thrill-Seekers In 2014

If you’re getting tired of traveling to the same holiday destinations over and over again, it could be time you selected somewhere a little more exciting where you’ll be able to try lots of interesting activities. Spending seven full days on a beach might be nice every once in a while, but this life of ours is short, and so wasting your time like this seems pointless. Whether you already consider yourself to be an adrenalin junkie, or even if this is your first time, opting to make arrangements and visit a country with more to offer could be a very wise move.

With all that in mind, this article will list five destinations you might have overlooked in the past. Not all of them will have amazing weather, but as this isn’t really a beach bumming holiday anyway, this fact should be insignificant. So, take some time to research the locations mentioned underneath this introduction, and I’m confident you’ll come away with some fantastic ideas for your 2014 break.

1 – New Zealand

For whatever reason, the New Zealand travel industry doesn’t provide the country with much income. This could be due to the fact that Australia is so close by, and many people prefer booking to travel there. However, for thrill seekers, there really isn’t a better country. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to visit some of the most invigorating mountain bike courses in the world. One in particular even has a 1600 meter downhill section.

2 – Qatar

Most people in the west hadn’t heard too much about this country before they were chosen as the destination for a major football tournament, but since then, interest has increased. This is a desert location, and so there are many activities available perfect for the thrill seekers amongst your group. Whether you prefer off-roading or sandboarding, you’ll find it here.

3 – Bolivia

The Andes mountain range runs straight through this country, so it’s always been popular with climbers, but lately, the sport of ice climbing has been bringing in new visitors from all over the world. Obviously, this occurs at the highest points in the region, so you’ll need to bring your head for heights.

4 – Russia

As it’s the largest country in the world, Russia is home to an increasingly variable landscape and climate. For that reason, it’s possible to engage in a whole range of different activities. Recently, skiing in the area next to the world famous volcanic vents has brought in visitors from every continent, so perhaps this is something that would interest you?

5 – Costa Rica

You should have no trouble finding a Costa Rica luxury hotel online for little expense, and flights here are also cheap, so this destination is most certainly worthy of consideration. Costa Rica has some of the coolest bungee jumping sites on the planet, just make sure you ask the instructor to give you a push because it can be very difficult to jump for the first time.

If nothing on that list tickled your fancy, you might just be too boring to become a full-on thrill seeker. Even so, I hope the ideas presented have inspired you to avoid those tired seaside towns in Spain, and to try something new for a change.

Have a great time, wherever you go!


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