5 Reasons Diabetics Should Wear Diabetic Socks

5 Reasons Diabetics Should Wear Diabetic Socks

Whether you like to go on big adventures in the local countryside or like travelling across the world, if you suffer from diabetics you should wear diabetic socks, like those available at H J SocksHowever, it seems like there is a complete lack of understanding as to what diabetic socks actually are and why diabetics should wear them.  If you count yourself as one of those people, then please read on and see why diabetic socks are an essential purchase for those suffering from the disease.

Better Circulation

Diabetic socks have been designed specifically so that they reduce the poor circulation caused by swelling in your legs and feet.  They are able to do this because they have a much looser fitting leg.  This stops them from cutting into swollen feet and legs the way that normal socks do.  This is especially important for diabetic sufferers as it improves the time it takes for foot injuries to heal.

Prevents Blistering

There many different ways that diabetic socks help to prevent blisters.  The majority of these socks are made with anti-static materials that help decrease the chance of blistering while the socks are worn.

Relieve Pressure On The Foot

As diabetic socks are thicker on the sole than standard socks, they ingeniously relive pressure from your feet, which helps lessen foot pains and aches.  Although this may not be the most important thing in the world, it just makes life a lot more comfortable for a sufferer.

Reduces The Risk of Infection

A common thing with diabetic socks is that they feature anti-microbial properties.  This means that these socks do not support or encourage the growth of bacteria, which is an important quality in socks for people suffering from diabetes.  As diabetes often means poor circulation, this in turn means that there is a longer healing time.  A longer healing time gives infections a longer and better chance to form.  The fact that diabetic socks have anti-bacteria properties means that there is a dramatic reduction in the risk of infection.

Keep Feet Dry

Almost all diabetic socks feature moisture-wicking which helps to keep your feet dry.  As most of the problems associated with diabetes are connected, by keeping your feet dry, the socks also help with the other problems listed above.  Therefore, dry feet mean better circulation, which means less chance of blisters and less chance of infection.

Although choosing to wear diabetic socks may seem like a very small decision to make, the positive aspects that come from making this decision can have a very big impact on your general health as a diabetic.  As well as helping to prevent the risk of foot infection and pain, they can also prevent more serious outcomes such as amputation.  Just like anything involved in living with diabetes, whether it is diet or exercise changes in your routine, choosing to wear diabetic socks is just one of those small, but healthful and important changes you need to make.

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