6 Ideas to Make Money While Traveling the World



Many people dream of finding a way which allows them to work while traveling the world. Some like global entrepreneur Varsha Rao have managed it, in their own way. What about you? The truth is – it’s not so difficult, as long as you’re prepared to think outside the box, and possibly get out your comfort zone.

Working while traveling sounds idyllic, and it is, but the biggest obstacle is usually the economic one: people are terrified of leaving their jobs and do not know what they would do to survive while traveling. So, I’m sharing these ideas to make money as you travel the world: adapt them and add your personal touch to transform them into ideas that will finally help you fulfill your dream of traveling.

  1. Street artist

If you have an artistic gift, it’s time to take advantage of it! From playing an instrument to painting pictures, making portraits or juggling, everything is valid. You can even put on your own stand-up comedy or magic show!

  1. Freelance work

From working for a call center answering calls from your computer to business consulting, writing, graphic design, and programming, there are dozens of job options that can be done on a freelance basis.

  1. Classes and workshops

Do you know how to do something different? Teach it! From language classes to cooking, dance, math, physics or chemistry classes, aromatherapy, yoga and many more, there is always something you can do, and that you are good at, and that you can offer to others as a class or workshop, anywhere you are.

  1. Work with an international show

Of course, it’s difficult to be a singer or musician in a band; but there are dozens of other jobs to cover in itinerant shows such as circuses, theater or dance shows. From sewing to makeup, filming and even as a personal assistant to the stars, you will surely find a job with an international show that will take you on a journey!

  1. Seasonal work

The good thing about seasonal work is that you will have a job all year round if you travel from north to south. And the seasonal work goes from picking vegetables, fruits or flowers, to jobs related to tourism like waiter, maid, cook and more.

  1. Au pair

Of course, this may sound intimidating; but an au pair is nothing more than a nanny. And if you like children, it may just be the opportunity you are looking for to travel and earn money at the same time.

Get creative, identify your practical skills, experience, or passion and develop your own ideas to support yourself financially while traveling. Happy traveling!

If you know of other ways to earn money while traveling around the world, leave a comment below.

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