7 Tips For getting The Best Deal On Your Travel Insurance

7 Tips For getting The Best Deal On Your Travel Insurance

Are you planning on going on an epic trekking expedition in the Himalayas? Preparing for a breathtaking underwater adventure in the Maldives? Before you pack your bags, and embark on your long awaited vacation, it is essential for you to secure a good travel insurance policy. While most travelers overlook travel insurance, securing it is an absolute must, wherever you may be heading. As a traveler, this kind of insurance can help you avoid any misfortunes during your trip as well as provide protection against trip interruption and cancellation. Not to mention, it provides coverage for any unforeseen loss.

Sadly, in spite of all the perks that can be offered by travel insurance, a lot of travelers are still reluctant to buy them. For most of them, buying travel insurance is a costly endeavor that would increase their travel expenses. Thankfully, though, there are a lot of ways to get good deals for this kind of insurance. In this guide from Navigator Travel Insurance, you will find seven helpful tips on how you can save money from your travel insurance policy.

Annual policy or a single-trip policy?

If you are planning to travel more than three times this year, you should opt for an annual policy, instead of buying a bunch of single-trip travel insurance policies. An annual insurance policy is a far cheaper alternative to buying a trio of separate single-trip travel insurance policies.  But, do take note that an annual policy does not cover travelers on extended trips. For the most part, these annual policies have a maximum coverage of 31 days.

Travel duration

Don’t tell your insurance provider that you will be away for over 30 days. Otherwise, you will end up paying your provider with a great deal of money.

Don’t buy it from your travel agent, airline or tour operator  

Never buy it from an airline, tour operator or travel agent. Keep in mind that these operators earn through a commission basis, meaning they can increase the rates for their offerings, to increase their commissions and earn more money.

Check your existing insurance coverage

Take a look at your car and home policies, and find out what existing coverage plans can be used during your trip.  For instance, your home insurance may provide coverage to your electronic equipment and jewelry, as you travel to a foreign land.

Look for a family discount

Are traveling with your family? Then, ask for a family discount from your insurance provider. Normally, insurance providers will insure kids for free, under the insurance policy of their parents.

Scour the internet

Scour the internet for affordable travel insurance deals. Take time to gather quotes from a variety of sources, and compare them, before making a decision. Today, there are a lot of online sources that provide free quotes for travel insurance, such as,,, and a whole lot more.

Read the details of your policy

As a policy-holder, you should not pay a dime for something that you don’t want or need.  Thus, make sure to read your policy’s fine prints, and find out what your travel insurance policy covers. Likewise, know the amount of coverage you will be getting from your insurance. If, for instance, your policy includes coverage for horseback riding activities, and you’re not planning to participate in this kind of activity, ask the provider to remove it from your policy.

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