A Thrill Seeker’s Holiday Itinerary: 5 Must-Try Activities

A Thrill Seeker’s Holiday Itinerary: 5 Must-Try Activities

Some travellers require more out of their holiday than others. Such travellers feel the need to push their limits, face their fears, or simply make an adventure out of what could be just another tourist visit. When travelling to a foreign land, there is always the possibility that you won’t be visiting again – at least not for a while. With this in mind, wouldn’t you like to leave knowing that you’ve made your stay as memorable as possible? Here are five must-try activities for any thrill seekers out there who are looking for a new challenge.

1. Climbing Great Heights

Consider what you can get out of climbing with a view. You’ll essentially be touring on the edge, enjoying your surroundings from an exciting perspective. Rock climbing can be enjoyed in China via the Mount Hua Shan ascent, one of the most terrifyingly steep hikes on Earth. Or perhaps you’d care to visit Ogawayama in Japan, where the climbing trails are endless. For something like this you’ll need the appropriate gear though, beginning with a solid backpack, which you could easily find online from a specialist retailer like Bags To Go.

2. Falling from Great Heights

For the truly daring, what’s more outrageous than skydiving? If you’re looking for a major adrenaline rush, base-jumping off the Kjerag Mountain in Norway is just one of many falls that will help you achieve this. For a less extreme descent, consider the fun in volcano boarding down the Cerro Negro in Nicaragua. There are many variations of this downhill activity that can be suited to your particular taste, be it snowboarding, water skiing, or something else.

3. Mindboggling Landmarks

Some locations take guts to even visit. Don’t fret if this is all you can stomach; there are some amazing landmarks out there. Take the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, and Uluru, for example. For locations such as these, there’s no need to try and heighten the experience through extreme sports. Simply experiencing the space is exhilarating enough.

4. Rollercoasters

If you’re after a more dependable thrill than what nature can offer, rollercoasters are the way to go. Ferrari World’s Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi offers the fastest rollercoaster in the world, with the Kingda Ka rollercoaster of Jackson N.J. coming a close second. For a ride that supersedes the ones offered at your average, family-friendly theme park, brace yourself for one of these.

5. Water Sports

Closer to ground level but equally as thrilling, water sports are a novelty just about anywhere. If you’re wondering about a specific location, suss out the waters of the Devil’s Eye Cave in Florida or try your hand at white water rafting in Chile. For a less extreme adventure, snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef is a must. Simply being in the water can be thrilling; it all depends on how far you want your limits pushed.

A holiday shouldn’t just be a pretty backdrop; it should be what you make of it. If thrills are what you’re after, consider the above activities and where you can get the most out of them. This should liven up your journey beyond your expectations and, in turn, satisfy your thrill-seeking needs.

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