How to Add a Little Bit of Luxury to Your Backpacking Trip

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Backpacking has long been thought of as a way to travel the world on a shoestring budget; hostels, night buses, hitchhiking and camping are all connotations that spring to mind. However, with more people making the decision to go globetrotting on a budget, little luxuries are finally becoming affordable for travellers. If you want to add a little bit of luxury to your backpacking trip then here’s how to do it.

Luxury Backpack

This is one thing a backpacker should never scrimp on anyway, especially as this could be your only companion for weeks, months or even years. Luxury backpacks come in all shapes and sizes, to suit every budget. Depending on where you’re going in the world, you can look for backpacks that have useful added extras; such as a compartment for clean, fresh water. Make sure you test out a whole range of backpacks before deciding on the one that is right for you. This will be the best travelling luxury you spend money on!

Luxury Hotels on a Budget

Everyone thinks that travelling on a budget has to involve staying in hostels or setting up camp. However, luxury hotels are now becoming more affordable than ever, which means that most backpackers can treat themselves to a night or two on a comfy bed. A 5 star luxury hotel may be expensive in the busiest cities, so look for small towns or villages around the tourist hotspots. The fewer tourists that visit, the cheaper the prices. Try turning up on the day and asking if they have any spare rooms available; hotels don’t like having empty rooms, as it costs them money.


If you prefer the idea of camping during your trip around the world, then why not spend a night or two glamping? Glamorous camping, glamping, has risen in popularity in Europe, USA and Australasia, meaning plenty of opportunities wherever you are in the world. A typical glamping site will have luxury tents or yurts, with running water and electricity! Choose a mid-week night to go glamping, and you’ll save even more money.

Cheap Taxis

Although you may be used to spending a fortune on a 5 minute taxi ride back home, you’ll find that taxis abroad are far cheaper. This is one of those little luxuries that all travellers can treat themselves too once in a while. You don’t necessarily have to be going anywhere; just use it as an opportunity to explore the town or city you’re in. Make sure you find out the price before agreeing to the taxi ride, as some countries’ drivers will try and rip travellers off. Take a break from the night buses for a while and afford yourself some luxury travelling.

There are many other ways a backpacker can experience little luxuries on their globetrotting trip, too. Even ordering the most expensive thing on the menu in Thailand will be half the price of a sandwich back home. Look up the average prices for each place you will be visiting and find out which countries you can afford to splurge in!


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