Yosemite National Park

Adventuring in the Americas – Top 4 Destinations



The vast expanse of land that makes up the Americas is some of the most diverse on the planet, ranging from rugged snow-capped mountains and huge forests, to tropical rainforests, to enormous metropolises, and alien-like desert landscapes.

The Americas’ diversity and sheer scale make it the perfect place to explore and challenge your adventurous side. Here are some of the best destinations to get you hankering for adventure.

#1 Yosemite National Park, USA

Yosemite is a mecca for adventurers as its terrain is perfect for all kinds of sports and outdoor pursuits like hiking, off-roading and natural climbing. Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, you’ll see awe-inspiring giant redwood trees that are amongst the oldest living organisms on the planet, as well as a huge variety of wildlife – 400 species to be precise – and landscapes you won’t see anywhere else.

#2 Cuba, Central America

Cuba draws tourists for its sheer uniqueness. Your trip to Cuba will be unlike any other holiday; see 1950s cars in the street, lush tropical landscapes, white sandy beaches, colourful period architecture and a culture that will captivate your imagination. If you’re into world music, Havana is the place to be, with a booming culture of mambo, salsa and rumba. Get discovering the fascinating history of Cuba

#3 The Canadian Rockies, Alberta

The Rockies are a National Park, and are amongst some of the most rugged and wild areas you’ll ever experience – perfect to get out exploring. There are lots of things to do besides the obvious and extensive hiking opportunities; try your hand at mountain biking, wildlife spotting, snowboarding, skiing, zip lining, kayaking, visiting the hot springs, and canoeing to name but a few. If you’re struggling for direction with this immense choice, check out Grand American Adventures for some excellent adventure tours of Canada.

#4 The USA’s Deep South

Think Delta Blues, Mardi Gras and Cajun and creole culture. Interested? You should be. If you’re interested in music, colonial history, and barbecue food that is the stuff of legend, you’ll love a tour of the Deep South. Revel in the musical history that the area is world famous for – visit Memphis for a dose of blues, Nashville for the home Country music, and New Orleans to get swept away by the spirit of Jazz on Bourbon Street.

Whether you’re looking for a physical challenge to test your body’s limits, coming up close and personal with wildlife, or experiencing the joys of local culture, the Americas have so much to offer. Whatever your flavour, the Americas have the perfect adventure to suit everyone.

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