Avoiding Extra Costs on a Bareboat Charter

Avoiding Extra Costs on a Bareboat Charter

Booking your charter through a charter broker has a number of unique benefits, not the least of which is costs. Companies like LateSail have access to a database of thousands of charters from different operators, allowing you to compare prices and choose the best deal at any given time. They even offer a Name your Price option.

What can be more difficult to determine, however, is the very final cost of the trip. There are certain fees that the operators expect you to pay on base. If you book with LateSail you can expect a high level of care regarding any additional costs. They maintain records detailing any company’s extras and confirm them before sending an actual quote. However if you’re on your is a list of possible extras to factor into the total cost of your bareboat charter.

Transportation from the airport. If you happen to book an air inclusive charter it will likely include transfers to and from the airport, however this service is not normally included. Transfers can be arranged but expect to pay extra for them.

Mooring and marina fees. These are normally only included in the yacht’s home port on the first and last night of the charter. All other marinas and mooring buoys are subject to charge according to local rates and the size of your boat. They can vary widely throughout the year.


Insurance. All available charter yachts do have full insurance but you will be required to leave a refundable security deposit by credit card. The amount, or hold on your card, will be in the amount of maximum liability.

Damage Waivers. Some operators require you to purchase a damage waiver to either replace or reduce the required refundable security deposit. If the charter company does not happen to offer the waiver you can also utilize a third party insurer that offers deposit insurance. Ask your broker for further details.

Boat Fuel. Much like a car rental, the boat will normally be handed over to you with a tank full of fuel. Some companies also offer a pre-pay fuel option. Many factors influence how much fuel you will use- ask your broker for more detail on how much you can expect to pay.

Cruising Taxes. These vary by area- in the Mediterranean for example there is a ‘transit log’ to be paid per charter in Turkey and Croatia. In the BVI there is a cruising tax that is based on the number of people on board each boat.

Towels and Linens. Some companies do charge extra for towels and bed linens while others do not. Ask in advance, but also make the effort to bring your own beach towels if possible, as you won’t want to get your onboard towels sandy.

End Cleaning. The price of end cleaning can vary quite a bit. It is often included in Caribbean and other tropical charters but not in the Mediterranean. Ask about the charge in advance and what it is based upon. Ideally you will be able to keep your boat as tidy as possible to keep costs down.

This list covers some of the most common additional charges you may encounter with a bareboat charter. Your best protection is enquiring in advance – ask your charter broker and research local practices to determine which charges to expect.

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