Backpacking Through Patong in One Week

Backpacking Through Patong in One Week

Planning on a week-long trip to Phuket Patong? That’s a great idea. There’s more to Patong that just the beach, sun and the sea! Here’s a list of things you should definitely allocate your travel time to do away from the beach.

Bangla Road Nightlife

Nightlife in Phuket Patong could be just as fun and crazy as a night at Pattaya if not more. Bangla road basically wakes up when the sun sets. It is Patong’s most well-known party zone and after hours entertainment. Despite the loud music, booze and lots of action every night, Bangla road has a very good safety record and is not at all threatening to tourists.

Beer bars and the a-go-gos tend to be the most crowded. There are also a few restaurants and shops in the area for those wanting to have a meal or do a bit of shopping.

Flying Hanuman

Up for a jungle ride swinging through trees? The Flying Hanuman is about zipping through the sky perked up 40 meters above the jungle. The aerial view of the jungle and Phuket’s rainforest canopy is breathtaking. The Flying Hanuman is eco-friendly and safe to ride. It is located on the road to Kathu Waterfall.

Kathu Mining Museum

The Kathu Mining Museum is located just between Loch Palm Golf Club and British International School in Kathu. There are other museums on the island but what makes the Kathu Mining Museum stand out is the display of tin mine models that recreate the scene from an opium den. The museum is definitely one of the places you’ll want to visit, but do go with a guide as all the signs and descriptions are still in Thai. There is a small entrance fee.

Wat Suwan Khiri Wong

Wat Suwan Khiri Wong is also known as Wat Patong and is easily found in the middle of Patong’s busy development. Wat Suwan Khiri is a Buddhist temple and features beautiful structures, pagoda, monastery hall, statues of Lord Buddha and an Ubosot (Chapel).

Kathu Waterfall

Finally, a visit to Kathu Waterfall is thoroughly worth the time. Rather than being greeted with a huge drop and a large body of water, Kathu waterfall is more of a series of drop pools gushing with rainwater. To get to the very top of the waterfall you’ll have to do quite a bit of climbing and hiking. The best time to visit the waterfall is during the raining season when there is plenty of monsoon water.

Freedom Beach

A beach is a beach. Or is it? Freedom Beach is Phuket’s gem. It is a 300 meters long strip of white sand just in front of dense and lush vegetation. The shallow waters that extend from the beach are thoroughly a welcome. The clear water also makes free diving to see the fauna and floras near the surface an incredible experience. Then again, if you prefer your own private beach just in front of your Phuket stay, then Grand Mercure Phuket Patong is recommended. It’s a beach resort right in front of a vast stripe of private beach area.

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