Best Cars for Mountain Living




Mountain living isn’t for the faint of heart. Steep grades, rock slide potential and remote mountain passes often mean treacherous driving conditions. Then there’s the snow. Most mountain communities experience significant enough snowfall to warrant owning a four wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle. Some winters are so intense that tire chains are necessary to get around. A few car manufacturers have taken special care to create vehicles that perform exceptionally well in winter weather and on steep grades. You can research any of the vehicles and read reviews on them at

Volvo has a reputation for building some of the safest cars on the planet. The manufacturer’s  XC 90 and XC70 models are both found to perform well in snow. Both models feature Volvo’s advanced safety system and offer more than adequate ground clearance. Both models also feature an all wheel drive engine which means more maneuverability when the white stuff starts falling.

Jeep is an American classic and almost all models in the car manufacturer’s lineup were designed for fun off road fun in mind. It’s Grand Cherokee and Patriot both perform well in winter weather offering 8 plus inches in ground clearance. Both models are available with four wheel drive transmission often necessary for navigating mountain passes.

The Subaru Outback was made for the snow. The latest models offer countless safety features and all wheel drive capabilities. The vehicles Xmode and hill assist features provide the vehicle with additional performance enhancement capabilities in wet or icy conditions. The Outback practically drives in dicey conditions for you.

Land Rover has earned a reputation over the decades it’s been creating vehicles. That reputation is that its vehicles are tough and ready for anything. The Land Rover Discovery is exceptionally ready for the winter months ahead. The vehicle delivers all wheel drive transmission that can be adapted for specific driving conditions, and automatic features kick in when the car senses trouble for the ultimate in passenger protection.

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