Camping: The Best Way to Experience the USA



The desire to set out across the globe and explore all that America has to offer is an urge that spans centuries. But which way is the best way to experience the USA?

You could take a road trip along world famous Route 66 and stay in motels, or fly first class and stay in swanky hotels, but if you’re looking to explore the best that the USA has to offer, consider camping instead. Why? Read on…

For the Freedom

When you camp, there’s a lot less to worry about. No reservations, documentation, wondering if your hotel will be as good as the reviews promised. Instead, it’s just you, your tent, the earth and the stars. What could be more freeing than that?

For the Budget Conscious

Hotels have their advantages: they generally offer an array of amenities, gadgets and a comfy bed. They’re also costly. If you’re on a budget, don’t let that stop you from planning your dream adventure. Travel on the cheap and carry your accommodation.

For More Time

When you’re camping, there’s no hitting snooze or falling back to sleep in an extra large bed. Instead, nature has its own way of adjusting your body clock and waking you up. Whether it’s the sun rising or the sound of birds chirping, camping provides longer days for exploring.

For Quality Downtime

Back to those hotel amenities. After a long day of site seeing, you’d probably go back to your hotel, have a shower, and put your feet up in front of the TV. But when you’re surrounded by nature, your evenings become quality time. You can write in a journal, talk with friends around a fire, or simply enjoy the peace and quiet.

For the Escape

Without Netflix, takeaway or social media, you’ll also find that you unwind in a way you didn’t even know you needed. A break from technology, political debate and celebrity scandal can do you the world of good.

For the Landscapes

While many of these points could apply to camping anywhere in the world, when it comes to the USA, people often forget about the countryside. It tends to be the cities like the Big Apple or Las Vegas that draw in the tourists. Instead, go camping and enjoy all of the extra sites that America has to offer.

Ulimately, camping in the USA adds an extra dimension to your travels that will make your trip even more special. Finding sites can be hard work (although companies like Trek America have got your USA camping trip), but it’s definitely worth the effort!

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