Booking Hotels for Special Occasions

Organizing and hosting a special event can be very rewarding, especially when all the details come together just the way you hoped for. Whether you’re planning a special occasion for friends and family or a special event for business associates, choosing the right venue and accommodations can make a big difference in the outcome. As such, when you make hotel arrangements for your guests, you’ll certainly need a hotel event planner’s assistance. Doing so could ultimately save you time and money, and your event may be even more special than you thought it could be.

Hosting an Event for Clients

If you’re in charge of planning an upcoming event for clients, you’ll want to make sure that the location will make your guests feel comfortable and at home. From the catering to the speakers and location of the hotel, every detail should impress your clients and inspire them to make you their future business partner. You’ll need to secure a meeting room that can accommodate your guests as well as ensure that the rooms at the hotel are appropriate for them. If you choose a place that offers appealing amenities and a welcoming atmosphere, you will likely make a positive impression on the people in attendance.

Planning a Special Occasion

The process of organizing a personal event can be as complex as planning a business conference. You will need to select a date where at least a majority of the people you invited can attend. This may require you to discuss the date with your intended guests as soon as possible in order for them to be able to adjust their schedules accordingly.

In the case of an event such as a wedding, you may want to arrange hotel accommodations for your guests, especially those who live in other localities. If you are able to make all your out-of-town guests stay in one hotel, they might find it more convenient to travel to the wedding venue together in a rented vehicle. You and your new spouse may also wish to stay at the same hotel for your honeymoon—or at least the night before you leave for your honeymoon if you have other plans in mind.

The Benefits of Working with a Hotel Event Planner

Efficient as these tips might be, an event planner could do even more professional assistance. Such a professional will generally be trained to help you coordinate events in such a way that will fit your circumstances. This professional can assist you in organizing details such as time limitations, budgetary concerns, and transportation options.

Another option is to work with an event planner employed by your chosen hotel. This event planner will know all the policies and procedures associated with their hotel, so you won’t need to worry about the possibility of inadvertently neglecting important hotel policies. If the hotel you are using has a specific rule or prior booking that could possibly affect your plans, this planner will be able to inform you and assist you whenever possible.

A hotel event planner may also help plan all the aspects of your event related to the hotel you’ve chosen. This person will be your point of contact when you organize the menu, floor plan, music, and parking options for your event. This is one way to ensure that your special occasion is as perfect as you envisioned.

Hosting your special event at the right place is essential. A great hotel can be the perfect environment for business and personal events. So in essence, if you want your special occasion to be memorable, the first step is to choose an ideal setting in which to host it.

A Guide To Packing Luggage For Air Travel

You have probably made a couple of trips via flights and have the entire ordeal of check-in memorized like the back of your hands, but that hardly is proof that your packing skills are par excellence. Airlines come with strict guidelines and regulation on luggage regulations. So instead of simply jumping at packing your luggage, here’s a quick guide to packing luggage for air travel!

  1. Decide If Your Travel Really Requires Checking Bags

That probably is the first and most vital decision that needs to be made. If you can avoid checking bags, then you can save yourself from a myriad of trouble usually seen in the form of lost luggage, damaged goods, long wait etc. But carrying everything in the carry-on luggage requires special packing skills. So decide carefully and based on that, choose your luggage. 

  1. Knowing What To Carry Where

Every airline has luggage rules and regulations, some standardized and others too specific. An example of standardized rules would be items allowed to carry in flights, while a specific rule would be the size and weight of luggage the airline allows. You can’t actually carry a bottle of whiskey in your check-in nor can your suitcase weighing over 80 lbs! (For the exact figures of what airlines offer, check Netflights). If you do happen to break any of these rules or regulations then the airlines will charge you extra. Such types of charges are termed as the airline’s ‘ancillary revenue.’ Hence, you must choose carefully what to bring along and not.

While packing your luggage, you don’t have to be ingenious but follow the simple rules:

  • Maximize space by rolling your clothes.
  • All liquids and gels of 100ml or more should be packed.
  • Keep your shoes in cloth shoe bags.
  • Toiletries should be packed in cases and should be placed at the bottom of your bag.

So if you are carrying more than one or two pairs, it’s best to keep it where it is easily accessible), prohibited items must not be included in baggage etc. It’s also advisable to spread out all heavy items across the bag instead of stacking it up all in one place. 

  1. Keep The Essentials Close

By essentials, we mean things that must definitely be included in the carry-on luggage. The essentials usually include valuables, electronic gadgets, snacks and other handy food items along with books, toiletries, travel documents, vital medicines and so on. Considering that luggage for check-in goes through vigilant screening, it is advisable to include them in plastic or transparent bags (preferably those with zip-lock) so that they can easily be checked and also not get scattered across the luggage. 

  1. Tag Your Belongings

Unfortunately this is almost often the most ignored part of air-travelling. Forgetting to tag bags! Yes agreed that the rate of lost luggage has dropped over the years, as airlines are being all the more alert about it to avoid a financial bump. Yet, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will not be the unfortunate one. Travel insurance taken or not, tagging your bag with details like name, contact number and mailing address is an absolute must, especially for those who are travelling across multiple cities. 

  1. Travel Light

You are probably travelling for a business trip or holiday. Do you really need to duplicate your entire wardrobe? Carry only that what’s needed. Try to mix-and-match clothes, reduce the number of shoes and accessories, avoid bulky objects or items that can easily be found at hotels, inns etc. Also, avoid wrapping gifts/souvenir in case you are attending a wedding or business meeting. You may be asked to open it in case the authorities have doubt. Also, don’t stuff everything inside your suitcase or duffel for the same reason. It is also recommended that you save some space in your luggage for bringing back a souvenir from your holiday. After all, no holiday is complete unless a memento is brought along! 

In brief there’s no hundred percent right approach to packing. Packing is a skill and the frequent flyer gradually learns how and what to pack in his luggage. There will always be times when even if you ace at packing there will be things that have been missed. So don’t fret about it!

Hotels in Northampton

The needs and preferences of travellers for hotel accommodations can vary, depending on whether they are traveling for business or pleasure. There are some things that may not be as important for business travellers as for those on a break. Location is generally important to all. Hotels near M1 Junction 16 are very convenient for business travel or taking a break.

Accommodations for Business Travel or a Break

Your decision making process and preferences will generally vary, depending on whether you are traveling for business or on a break. While some hotels are better for business or vacation travel, others cater to both segments. Regardless of the reason you are looking for hotels in Northampton, Holiday Inn Northampton West offers comfortable accommodations at reasonable rates.

Location is Always Important

Irrespective of whether you are traveling on business or a break, the location of the hotel is always an important consideration. Whether you are traveling to and from the airport to the hotel and business meetings or spending your days enjoying leisure activities, you want a hotel that is convenient for travel to and from Northampton and during your stay. Consider the proximity to major roads and the distance between the hotel and the areas where you will be spending time.

Choosing a Hotel for Business Travel

When comparing accommodations for business travel, most people want a standard guest room with some amenities at a competitive rate. Other important factors include proximity to major roadways for easy travel to and from the hotel, ample parking, and free wireless internet access. Some people prefer the added convenience of a hotel with a restaurant and room service.

Choosing a Hotel for a Break

If you are planning a break, the location and quality of the accommodations are often top factors to consider. How much space do you need and what types of amenities? This may depend on who you are traveling with and how much time you will spend at the hotel. The preferences may vary widely for people traveling with friends, couples, and families with children. Choose a hotel with the amenities and room type that best fits your preferences.

What Amenities Do You Need?

Hotels can vary widely, from bare basic accommodations to very expensive luxury hotels with many amenities. In order to select a quality hotel in your price range that offers what you want, you should start by listing the amenities that are most important to you. When you have determined what you need in the room and hotel facilities, you can more easily compare and select the right accommodation.

How to Plan a Successful Business Meeting in Wembley

Business conferences are a great way to build personal relationships, not only with your target market but also with business associates, vendors and industry experts. When such live events are well organized, they help strengthen your brand image and build brand loyalty. You can also expect to see a boost in sales through an increase in referrals after the event. One of the best advantages of hosting a conference is that is gives you a great opportunity to network with key people from your industry, share valuable idea and help yourself and your team grow professionally.  It is a huge avenue of opportunity, so make sure you plan it well.

Of course, the first thing that you would look for is the perfect venue. In London, conference rooms near Wembley Stadium are among the best options, since this location allows for easy transit to central London and the main railway stations and airports. Here’s a look at some of the important aspects of organizing a business conference.

Choosing a Venue

The primary things to look for in an ideal venue are the facilities offered with the conference rooms, including the audio-visual and multimedia aids, connectivity via different modes of transport and maybe even good boarding and lodging facilities to play host to your delegates. Calculate how many people are attending and how big a space you need. Also keep in mind ancillary costs, in case you need to arrange for audio/visual equipment and catering. A good idea would be to choose hotels with meeting venues near Wembley stadium, such as Holiday Inn London Wembley, which offer all these services in-house and keep your costs down, while being well connected to various means of public transport.

Have a Vision and a Plan

You need to have a clear vision of exactly how you want the event to run and what to aim to achieve through it. So, have an end goal in mind, which can be divided into specific, smaller goals and therefore a concrete plan of action. Each step that you complete will then be easy to monitor and review. It is also important to plan a budget right in the beginning. This way you will know whether you need to seek funding or a grant to organize the event. Further, you will be able to calculate the revenue earlier on, only if you have a pre-planned business itinerary, line up of speakers and potential registrants.

Filling the House

You must look for trusted marketing partners to be able to pull in the right audience. Good attendance can increase sponsorship opportunities and bring in revenues. Similarly, the more sponsors you manage to draw, the higher the impact you will have on the attendees. This is the time to use the help of all the contacts you have so that you fill the house and increase your credibility.

On-site Details

Once all the above details taken care of and you have decided on a hotel with a meeting venue, you can start organising the on-site details. This can include decisions regarding food and beverages, the general layout of the room, the exhibition arena, etc. Remember, to be able to host a successful and memorable event in London, the first thing you need is an appropriate conference room near Wembley Stadium.

What Makes Boutique Hotels so Popular

Did you know that boutique hotels originated in the 1980s in major cities like London, New York and San Francisco? These hotels have rooms ranging from 10 to 100, and are furnished in interesting themes that could have a modern or historical touch. If you are looking forward to experiencing the culture and cuisine of London, these accommodation facilities could offer an ideal choice.

The intimate and comfortable setting at a very competitive price is something you do not expect from London luxury hotels but when you try their services, like those offered by Eccleston Square Hotel, you will want to keep coming back for more.

8 Reasons Why People Prefer Small Designer Hotels

Here are the reasons why you must try out these designer hotels in your next visit to London.

  1. Top class security: Safety is a concern when you are staying at a hotel. With the stringent security measures that the top London boutique hotels implement, you no longer need to worry about the safety of your belongings. Take your time to visit all the must-see places in the city in the reassuring knowledge that your luggage is safe at the hotel.
  1. Amazing restaurants: Central London boutique hotels take pride in serving fine cuisine, along with the traditional flavours and recipes of the local area.
  1. Variety: Since these hotels are independently owned and not a part of any established chain of hotels, they have lot of flexibility and room for innovation in terms of design, services and facilities. If you are walking down the street near Hyde Park or near Sloane Square, you are likely to find these designer hotels with historical or modern design, roof-top terraces or in-house restaurants. The Gatwick Express can take you directly from the airport to such accommodation.
  1. Price: According to a recent study, a boutique hotel is typically 20 percent cheaper than a chain establishment. So, if price is a concern, Westminster boutique hotels offer you an ideal choice of great facilities and services at affordable prices.
  2. Service-oriented approach: The smaller size equips these establishments with better focus on caring for individual guests and customising their services to your needs. Personal attention goes a long way in determining the satisfaction quotient of the customers.
  1. Size and feel: In comparison to the larger chains, these lodgings are small with less number of rooms. Fewer rooms add a personal touch make you feel right at home. This does not, however, take away from the luxury and facilities offered.
  1. Great connectivity: Central London boutique hotels are well situated for you to conveniently commute to all the major tourist destinations in the city. The London passport office is also close by.
  1. Easy Booking: You can book accommodation online, from the comfort of your home. Some places also offer freebies for advance booking, such as a free mini bar, winter or afternoon tea and so on.

If you are travelling to London for personal and official business, make sure you book your accommodation in one of the London luxury hotels well in time.


Things to Do in London in Different Seasons

Tourists from all round the globe pour in London throughout the year. While there many things to do in London, different activities are better done in different seasons. This is exactly why it is important to plan your London tour according to the season when you are visiting. There are some places that enthral you, irrespective of when you are visiting. However, some tourist spots are best enjoyed in a particular time of the year.

No matter the season, you should play your stay in a hotel that is conveniently located. Even if you have a very tight budget, you will find many clean and comfortable accommodation options in prime locations. Budget hotels near Gatwick Airport like Holiday Inn Express Gatwick Crawley would be a good option. Staying near Gatwick Airport would keep you well connected with the rest of the city and other places.

Visiting London during Summer Months

Summer is perhaps the best time to visit London, thanks to the long sunny days. Simply walking through a busy street could be a delightful experience. You will get to see the street musicians and vendors.  Some interesting places to visit during this time include Columbia Road Flower Market, Eltham Palace & Gardens, Trafalgar Square, Crawley Town Football Club, and K2 Leisure Centre Crawley. You can head to a busy marketplace and shop around. You will find many different types of fashionable clothing, fashion accessories, jewellery, vintage furniture, and footwear. You can also treat you taste buds with local foods and beverages. You can try cakes, old-school sweets, and many more.

If you are coming with your friends and family, consider visiting parks and gardens, such as, the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew. In this plant kingdom, you will find more than 30,000 different kinds of plants. Some other parks include Richmond Park, which is famous for deer. Spending some good time with your kids should not be a problem, because there are London Zoo, Waterlow Park, and Lee Valley Regional Park. Many festivals, events, concerts, and exhibitions are organised during summer. You can attend the City of London Festival and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

What to Visit in London during winter

From ice-skating to enjoying a hot chocolate, there are many interesting things to do in London during the winter. You will also get a chance to attend many cultural events during this time of the year. You may not want to take part in some outdoor activities, if the weather is very cold. Alternatively, you can enjoy some indoor activities. For instance, you can visit the SEA LIFE London Aquarium and see sharks. Your kids and family members may also like to enjoy the interactive exhibits at the Science Museum. If you love to watch theatres and concerts, you will find many festivals and events to attend. Staying at a hotel near Surrey & Sussex Crematorium or Hawth Theatre would be a good idea, if you want to explore the cultural sides of the city. Another good idea would be to visit the city during Christmas. Be sure to watch the Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square.

It is better to avoid the rainy season, if you are coming on a short tour. Finding budget accommodation near Gatwick Airport should not be a problem. There are quite a few budget hotels near Gatwick Airport. Just make sure that you plan your trip and book your rooms in advance.


Eating out on a Budget – Options to Explore in Central London  

Pubs and eateries of London often have a slice of history attached to them! Did you know that Karl Marx penned the entire “Communist Manifesto” in a room perched atop the Great Lion Pub situated on Windmill Street? Your quest for cheap eateries could actually lead to an interesting place! And make sure you have secured accommodation at one of the budget hotels in Central London for keeping costs in check. Choosing a property near Southwark Council or one near elephant and castle tube station would ensure superior connectivity too.

Saving More on Your London Trip

Budget hotels in London like Hampton Court Palace Hotel provide a sumptuous breakfast for a heady start to the day. If you choose to stay at such a hotel, you can save money on the first and most important meal of the day. However, you need to choose where to buy the other meals of the day. And, this indeed is your chance to explore some of the most colourful places that offer great value for money deals. Options include:

  • The Baozi Inn: If you wouldn’t mind stacking up on hot, fiery Sichuan delicacies, this is just the place to head to. It is a typical Chinatown Café in communist attire. Try beef noodles spiced up in Sichuan sauce, so that you do not feel hungry till the next major meal. If you love Chinese, this is the place to head to for a meal that‘s heavy on your tummy but light on your pockets.
  • The Berwick Weekday Market: The Berwick Market is an excellent option for you if you are seeking true variety in your weekday lunch. Although the available options keep changing day on day and week on week, some standard options are always on offer. So, you can dig into sandwiches, pastries, cupcakes, falafel, pizzas, burritos, tandoor wraps and curries and so on. Just head to this place and order your favourite, without having to worry about sky high prices.
  • Beatroot: If you are a vegetarian, there are options available for you as well! Right next to the Berwick Market, there is this long time favourite eatery which packs in a punch with veggies. You can choose from cartons of mixed, tasty and hot veggies served as salads. Make sure to try their mushroom pie, blanched broccoli, mini sausage rolls and a very special lentil broth with a strong coconut like flavour.
  • Big Apple Hot Dogs: Big Apple hot dogs are by far the best dogs you can lay your hands on. And you can buy them from their mobile cart lodged on Old Street! Filling and delicious, these competitively priced treats would be just right for you if you are craving street food.

And if you stay at one of the budget hotels in London near Borough Market, you could even visit this very colourful food market for a great meal. The oldest food market of London has several interesting gastronomic experiences to offer! When you select from among cheap hotels in Central London,your place of stay should ideally be close to other important destinations, such as, the Ministry of Sound, London Eye in Central London and St. Thomas Hospital.  Spending too much time in travel and transits is never wise!

Exchange your Wedding Vows in Leeds

Do you remember the movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone? Wouldn’t you agree that the few scenic shots were simply breathtaking? Interestingly, most of the beautiful landscapes that graced the silver screen belonged to Leeds and the greater part of York. If you want your wedding to take place against such picturesque backdrops, and have a chic reception at the same time, Leeds is your “dream destination.”

Leeds hotels, like Holiday Inn Express Inn Leeds East, take pride in their hospitality services, helping you select the appropriate event venues and taking care of all the details, right from arranging for an intimate ceremony to a full scale reception. You can also get comfortable accommodation right here.

Things to Consider while Planning a Wedding

Here are a few things to consider will planning for your big day.

  1. Churches: Leeds is home to some beautiful churches. If you want to get married in a church, then it should needs to be near the Leeds hotel that hosts your reception. Leeds Minster and the Holy Trinity, Leeds, are some beautiful locations that you can consider. Contact the Leeds Town Centre for information on licensing and other legal formalities.
  2. Rehearsal Dinner: When most people choose prim and proper places to host their rehearsal dinner, why not try something different. The restaurants set near Headingly Stadium and the Leeds Football Club on Elland Road have some cool places to choose from, with all the eccentricities of a town that is home to Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan University.
  3. Reception Venue: The reception is the fun part of the wedding, right from your first dance as a couple to cutting the wedding cake, everything needs to be perfect. Whatever your style, it is your time in the limelight. Hotels like Express Holiday Inn, Leeds, go the extra mile to make the day memorable for you.
  4. Guest Accommodation: Destination weddings can be tricky. Both you and your guests will be new to the place and with you concentrating on your big day, you need to ensure that your guests are in good hands. Budget hotels in Leeds are here to help you out. Apart from providing comfortable accommodation for you and your guests, they also ensure that you are get all the necessary facilities. If your guests want to explore the town, there is a lot to see nearby, such as the Royal Armouries and Roundhay Park.
  5. Scenic Spots: Photography is an essential part of any wedding and when it comes to a scenic backdrop to your pictures, you couldn’t do better than Leeds. If you choose to have an indoor ceremony and reception, plan a special candid couple’s session amidst the charming landscapes. Roundhay Park, Grassington Moor and the limestone crags of Malham Cove are a few magical spots to choose from. Although the latter two can be bit of a drive into York, it will be totally worth it.

Your wedding day should be perfect, a day that is unforgettable not only for you but also your guests. Leeds is one place that will ensure exactly that!


Checklist for a London Trip

Whether you are an avid traveller or a first time tourist, what to pack for a London tour is always a challenge. Ideally, you should decide on the basis of some important factors, such as, the number of persons in your group, the number of days in your trip, and when you are travelling. The challenge is to pack light, without missing the essentials.

The preparation for a London tour should start with the booking of air tickets and a hotel. Thanks to internet, now you do not need to stand in a long queue to get the bookings done. You can compare and land a suitable deal in a jiffy. It is important to choose the hotel right. Your hotel should provide necessary facilities, including dry cleaning and ironing, Wi-Fi and others, so that you do not need to carry a lot of stuff. One good idea would be to book an acclaimed hotel near Victoria Station like the Sidney Hotel London Victoria that offers clean and comfortable accommodation at a fraction of the cost.

Booking a cheap and budget hotel in London Victoria enables you save a lot of money. You can use that amount in sightseeing and other activities.

What to Pack for Your London Tour

Whether your London tour would be a success depends largely on how you plan the tour and pack your bags. Here are some important things that you should not forget to pack.

  • Costumes – Check the weather conditions in London, and pack your dresses accordingly. If you are travelling during the winter, consider packing jackets, windcheaters, and jumpers. For a trip during the rainy season, be sure to pack waterproof jackets, raincoats and rain boots. Make sure that you carry enough socks and handkerchiefs, because you may not be able to wash the used ones on a daily basis.
  • Cash and Cards – It is not a good idea to carry a lot of cash. International credit cards, debit cards, and travel cheques would be a better alternative. This reduces the risk of theft. Do a little research about the current currency exchange rates, and where to get the exchange done.
  • Valuable documents – In an unknown land, your documents are your best friends. Be sure to carry your passport, visa, identity proof, medical insurance and travel insurance documents.
  • Other essentials – If you are currently taking any medicine, be sure to carry a complete stock for the entire tour. You never know whether the prescribed medicines would be available in the country you are travelling to. Other important things to carry may include a camera, mobile devices, chargers, batteries, adapters, and multi plugs.

When in London, you would not like to miss visiting important landmarks, such as, queen Elisabeth Conference Centre, Passport Office, Buckingham Palace, Belgrave Road, Harrods, Pimlico Underground Station, Royal Albert Hall, London Eye, Gatwick Express.

Staying at a hotel near London Victoria Station would give you easy access to all these tourist spots, quickly and conveniently. Book your rooms in advance to get discounts. Also, check what you can expect to get from the hotel and pack your bags accordingly.

The Most Rewarding Ways to Enjoy the Thames

Did you know that the Thames City Centre is right at the Thames Valley? You can enjoy some truly eclectic views of the great river from here! Consider booking your accommodation at one of the hotels near Reading Station. Besides several interesting museums and places to explore, accommodation in Reading near Station would also be close to distinguished business centers like the Oracle Business Park and Green Park in Reading. The Reading Hospital and the Reading University are also prominent landmarks here.

The River is the Biggest Attraction Here

The Thames proves to be a major attraction for those choosing to reside at one of the hotels near Reading Station like Rainbows Lodge. It is the most famous River of this country and the longest one in England. Some of the best views of this river are in London and you just would not want to miss them. Some of the best ways in which you can enjoy here include:

  • Take the River Cruise: If you really wish to enjoy some of the best views of this city, taking a Thames river cruise is the best thing to do. Unparalleled sights are on offer here. There are about four points from which you can board and alight, starting from the Houses of Parliament right up to the financial district. Everything that lies in between is actually on the platter! Make sure you carry your camera along. You are surely going to need it.
  • Go Boating: Boating is an equally fulfilling experience! You can hire a private boat or choose one of the larger ones and simply float around across the city. Boats have key drop off points like the London Eye for instance. So, you can actually enjoy some sightseeing and get dropped off at your place of choice.
  • Go Fishing: If you are seriously interested in fishing, this is a great opportunity. You can book your fishing trips in advance. The tour providers will be guiding you through the necessary preparations. You even have anglers meant for the physically challenged. If you have kids, you can take them along for your fishing escapades. And remember, if you love your planet, the “catch and release” method is the best. The idea is to “enjoy” not to “kill”.
  • Take a Stroll by the Banks: This is perhaps the most relaxing and also the more rewarding of all. And, if you have chosen to stay at one of hotels near Reading Station,this activity becomes easily accessible. Simply walk down the serene banks and enjoy the sights and smells. You can witness cruises and boats floating by. Swans are there too! And, you can even feed them for your pleasure! Just take care and maintain safe distance. Make sure you carry your camera along as well! The views are to die for.

When you are living near Reading Station and near Oracle Shopping Centre, a bit of retail therapy would also be on the cards! Just plan and trip and de-stress!