Must See Events in Wembley Stadium

“Wembley is the cathedral of football. It is the capital of football and it is the heart of football.”

~ Pele
Located in Wembley Park, London, the stadium of Wembley was built in 1923, primarily to host football matches. Today, it has become an iconic platform not just for footballers, but also musicians, artists and non- football sportsmen. If you are travelling to London, it is a good idea to look for hotels close to Wembley Stadium to enjoy a host of global events that are regularly held at this venue. The stadium underwent a rebuild in 2007 and is today the second largest stadium for various events in Europe.

By staying at cheap and budget hotels in Wembley, you can get a chance to see the England national football team in action. The stadium is home to the England squad, and has recently started hosting NFL games.

Top Events in Wembley Stadium

With a seating capacity of 90,000, this mammoth stadium is connected to three different subway stations and seven bus stops. Stay at acclaimed hotels in Wembley, such as Holiday Inn London West, near Queen Charlotte hospital and Central Middlesex Hospital, for the best accommodation in the region. Areas close to North Acton like Hammersmith, Ealing, Twickenham, Marble Arch and others, are just a short tube rise away.

  • Wrestling: In August 1992, the stadium played host to the first ever pay-per-view Summer Slam of the erstwhile World Wrestling Federation, held outside North America. The highly anticipated match of Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart and his real life brother ‘The British Bulldog’ for the intercontinental championship was fierce and controversial. The event moved to Britain due to the large fan base, which generated the third large attendance in WWF history.
  • Concerts & musical events: Since 1972, Wembley has been an open host to music artists and performers. Gigs and concerts by renowned bands of every genre are held here, including the likes of Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Freddy Mercury of Queen. Rock & Roll and pop music are the preferred genres by the local audience. Following its reconstruction, a large number of successful bands and artists have played here, such as U2, Green Day, AC/DC and Muse.
  • Football: Till, today the stadium’s essential function is to host football matches for popular national leagues, such as The Barclays Premier League, FA Cup, European Cup, Carling Cup and other domestic leagues. The stadium is equipped with a retractable roof to allow the grass to get some sun and act as protection during adverse weather conditions. Football is on through most of the year at the stadium. American football or rugby is also played frequently at this stadium.

There are a number of other sporting and non-sporting activities held here, such as boxing, greyhound racing, Olympic events, motor racing, etc. To enjoy watching any of these, book your accommodation at hotels in Wembley today.

Tips to Visit Edinburgh for Disabled People

Edinburgh basks in the glory of rich ancestral heritage. The city is dotted with many historic structures, such as, Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, and the churches of St. Giles. The Old and New Town together are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Edinburgh International Festival makes the place even more popular. In 2004, Edinburgh became the world’s first UNESCO City of Literature. If you have a physical disability, you can still visit the city conveniently. Remember you are not disabled, but differently-abled.

To begin with, look for a disabled friendly hotel in Edinburgh like Piries Hotel Central Edinburgh. You can even book a family friendly hotel in Edinburgh which provides facilities for a disabled person. Look for facilities like wheel chair, en-suit bathrooms, lift, and others. Once you have chosen a place to stay, you can start exploring the place.

Tips To Explore Edinburgh for Disabled People

There are certain things that you can do to make your tour comfortable and memorable.

  • How to Travel: After you reach Edinburgh Airport, consider taking Lothian Region Transport buses which have low floors and are easily accessible. For those who cannot manage to travel by bus; there is an option of Handicabs that operate on a dial-a-ride and dial-a-bus service.  Many of the taxi service at Edinburgh are wheelchair friendly. There is also an option of Shopmobility at the Gyle shopping centre.
  • Places to See:  You can conveniently visit famous museums, galleries. If you are coming with your family and kids, you can visit Princes Street Gardens which is a great family destination. You can also head to Edinburgh Zoo, if you love animals. Another idea is to enjoy a quick game of rugby at Murrayfield Stadium. Experience Camera Obscura and World of Illusions and the Royal Yacht Britannia. Just make sure you do not head to these places during rush hours. Keep the contact details of security officials and hotel staff handy, so that you can ask for help, if required.
  • Festivals to attend: Most of the Edinburgh festivals are disabled friendly. You can catch a glimpse of the international film festival that happens in every June. All, except one screen in the venue, are completely wheelchair accessible. Another important event of the city is Hogmanay – the New Year celebration. You can easily reach there and have fun.
  • Shopping:  The Princess Street offers a lot of fashion boutique and chain stores where you can easily shop. These shopping avenues have lifts and are easy to get around. Avoid going to these places on weekend or during festivals, as they are heavily crowded. For souvenirs, you can head to Royal Mile, Fort Kinnaird and Ocean terminal

Visiting Edinburgh should not be a problem at all. You just need to research and plan your trip well in advance. You can even seek guidance of the hotel staff of your chosen disabled friendly hotel in Edinburgh. Some hotels offer attractive discounts for booking in advance. It would be a good idea to grab such offers.



Tips to Organize a Successful and Economical Conference

Optimum utilization of resources is the key to successful management. So, if you are heading towards organizing a conference, make sure you take a holistic approach, wherein you focus on effective communication, knowledge enhancement and satisfaction of your audience, and all that within a budget.

If  you want the words ‘reasonable,’ ‘ high quality’ and ‘satisfaction’ to all fit in your platter, then choose conference rooms with accommodation in St Albans at reputed places like Quality Hotel St Albans Hertfordshire and see how easily you can accommodate your guests with comfort without compromising on the effectiveness of the convention venue.

Tips to Organizing a Successful Conference Cost-Effectively

Working on a low budget does not have to imply a compromise on the quality of the experience, if you work smart. Here are the guidelines to do so.

  1. Conceptualization: Get started by zeroing in on the theme of the discussion. Get a hold of the market buzz and use it effectively. For instance, if you are organizing an event for the top management, consider topics like lean management, QC tools, Six Sigma and so on. The idea here is to choose a theme that interests the target audience.
  1. Audience: Choose the addressees on the basis of either of two approaches. Target mass audiences by keeping your entry fee low or at zero, thus reaching out to larger audiences or focus on a niche segment with either a higher entry fee or attendance only via invitations.
  1. Deciding the right venue: The venue absorbs the major chunk of your budget. So, decide wisely and book a conference room with accommodation in St. Albans to make all guests coming in from out of town comfortable. There are some cheap conference venues in St Albans with parking facilities that do not compromise on quality.
  1. Invite free speakers: Prepare a list of exceptional presenters from nearby areas, like St Albans or Hertfordshire, and offer perks other than payments, such as free stay, transportation facilities or promoting their expertise in all your marketing campaigns.
  1. Find partners and sponsors: Pair up with vendors who offer best quality services at competitive price for catering, audio-visual aids and so on. Look out for sponsors for the event to take care of your expenses. For instance, if you are organizing a managerial forum, liaison with companies providing consultation or training to management professionals.
  1. Free marketing: Instead of paying for marketing activities, look out for options that are equally effective but are free of cost, such as launching a website on or WordPress or creating social presence through free social networking site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  1. Hiring interns: Instead of hiring experienced professionals for design, coordination, decoration, event management or audio-visual settings, you can consider hiring interns from reputed institutes. They can bring in lots of fresh ideas and will work for you for a certificate or for a small sum as a stipend.

Just make sure you focus on creating an experience so that your audience remembers you for a long time to come. Don’t forget to book conference rooms in St Albans well in time to avoid any last minute hassles.


Save on Your Day out at Central London

Although London is among the most expensive cities in the world, there are several ways in which you can have a budget holiday. On your trip to Central London, follow this guide that has inexpensive and free things that you could do to have a day full of fun without worrying about how much you spend.

Make it Inexpensive

The first thing to do is to book a budget hotel. There are great options for central London hotels like Hotel Lilly, which offers comfort and good service at a reasonable price.

The Scoop

You must have heard about the free museums and galleries in London. However, finding a cinema or a theatre is difficult. The Scoop is that hotspot to enjoy entertainment for free. It is located near City Hall and close to Tower Bridge. Amphitheatre on summer evenings has various film screening, plays, live music and keep-fit classes. The City Hall has small gallery spaces, cafes and a giant London map.

Postman’s Park

Created by George Frederick Watts in 1900, this was a tiny park in Square Mile. What makes it special is that it is a memorial for people who gave up their lives to save others. This wall of tragic heroes will surely move you. Go for a free event at Royal Albert Hall which is a 14 minutes drive on Kensington Road.

Barbican Centre

Brutalism, an architectural style, is very well expressed in this complex, built in the 1970s. With a rooftop conservatory as its highlight, the mysterious walkways, hidden gardens, slopes and steps make it an interesting place to indulge in. A recommendation – do not forget the way to your budget hotel in central London, you would want to reach your room quickly after a busy day.

Somerset House

Elegant staircases, a balcony view of the Thames, and a small art gallery are also worthy of a visit at this Georgian building. The courtyard is what makes it famous. The dancing fountains are a bliss sight in summer, which turns into an ice rink in winter. The art installations and performances in the catacombs of the building would certainly delight you.

Royal Festival Hall

Built for the 1951 festival of Britain, it still stands on the South Bank. A free concert, exhibition or workshop could well be taking place on the ground floor stage area. There is a little-known balcony which has a beautiful view of the Thames. Make your way up to the fifth floor taking the singing glass elevator.

All Hallows by the Tower

Just a yard away from the popular Tower of London is the Church of All Hallows that dates back to the times of Saxon. It has a small museum with a model of Roman London and baptism record of the founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn. Largely a post war reconstruction now, Arch and other remains from more than 1,000 years ago can still be seen in the current building.

Gresham College

In his will dating back to 1597, Thomas Gresham set the ball rolling and the college still holds free lectures, even after almost 500 years. Topics ranging from law to divinity to astronomy, the college organizes 140 talks each year. Although aimed at the general public, the lectures are delivered by professors in the normal style of a college.

Visit areas such as the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith Apollo, and Olympia Exhibition Centre to increase your store of knowledge. Don’t forget to make bookings in advance, whether it is for your travel or stay. Check out cheap accommodations in Central London and you can save a lot of money.

Top Things to Do for Free in Central London

The capital of England, London, is popular for combining modern and traditionally cultures. The capital has a lot of places to see, such as Victorian style architecture, contemporary lifestyle, historic landmarks and museums. You can take the Heathrow Express to popular destinations like Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussauds, Westminster Abbey and Kensington Palace. If you are on a tight budget, there are number things you can do for free too. It is also a good idea to look for affordable hotels in Central London.

Popular Free Tourist Attractions in London

Before you can decide on what to while in London, make sure you book the best cheap and budget hotel in Central London near Paddington Station and Hyde Park, such as Paddington Hotel London. This will ensure that you have a comfortable stay without having to go over-budget. Now, you are all set to have fun.

Here is a list of the top free places to visit in London.

  • British Museum: This popular museum exhibits diverse artwork from around the world. You can see art exhibitions from modern to prehistoric times. The main highlights of the British Museum are the Parthenon sculpture, ancient Egyptian mummies and Rosetta stone. This is a popular tourist attraction for those interested in art and culture. Entry is free for everyone; however certain exhibitions may require tickets.
  • National Gallery: History lovers can visitthe National Gallery and find Western European paintings and artwork from the 13th to 19th centuries. There is no charge for entry but certain exhibitions may require tickets. The paintings in the iconic gallery are of renowned artists, such as da Vinci, Titian, Van Gogh, Constable, Stubbs and many more.
  • National History Museum: Animal lovers will be delighted to trace the history of the rarest animals at the National History Museum. Upon entering, you will come face to face with the exoskeleton of a dinosaur. Other highlights include a spider that is 40 million years old, a life-sized blue whale and the remains of the biggest and tallest dinosaurs. The museum has a beautiful central hall leading to various exhibitions and galleries. There is no entry fee but special exhibitions may require tickets.
  • The London Eye: This is a major attraction that stands out amidst the London skyline. You may have seen The London Eye in a number of movies but experiencing this ride in reality is a totally different affair. The London Eye has 32 capsules, each accommodating up to 25 people. Climb aboard and soak in some of the best views of the city in just 30 minutes. It is a good idea to book a Central London Hotel while in the city, since the Heathrow Express offers cheap and quick commutes to a number of attractions.

Book a Central London hotel today and gain access to all of London’s free and paid places to visit. Those who are on a tight budget can even visit other attractions like the Tower of London, Knightsbridge or Science Museum. Do not forget to research well for cheap & budget hotels in Central London.

A Day Out With Family in Kensington

There are plenty of activities to indulge in Kensington with your kids. A visit to adventure playgrounds and famous museums is sure to be a hit with the young ones. You can visit these places without burning a hole in your pocket. Stay at a hotel near Kensington Station and minimize travelling cost. A South Kensington hotel will provide you easy and quick access to the Harrods shopping centre, museums and popular London Embassies. You can travel to Chelsea in central London by tube and visit both free and paid attractions like The London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace, Knightsbridge, and many more. A cheap and budget hotel near Kensington Gardens and Kensington Palace can save both time and money, allowing you to indulge to the fullest with your family.

How to Spend a Day in Kensington

Spending a day here can be full of action and adventure due to the abundance of free and paid options across town. It’s a good idea to book your stay at a comfortable, yet affordable hotel near Kensington Station such as the Eden Plaza Kensington Hotel, so that you can enjoy quick access to transportation and tourist spots.

Here is how you can spend a day with your kids in Kensington.

  • Visit museums in the morning: Take your kids on a cultural and historical journey by visiting any of the three popular museums. The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum and Victoria Albert Museum are great places to learn something new. Due to their massive size and wide array of exhibits and galleries, it will take you an entire morning to completely explore a single museum. If your children are fascinated by medieval creatures and giant animal, take them to The Natural History Museum. The giant blue whale and roaring dinosaur are sure to get them excited. You can even watch a film on space exploration in IMAX 3D and lose yourself amidst stars and galaxies.
  • Restaurants at noon: There are a number of upscale family dining restaurants and picnic sports around town. If you want to enjoy the food of London, you can visit restaurants or cafes like Deep Blue café, Bumpkin, Sticky Fingers, Giraffe, Spaghetti House and many more. These are great places for your kids as most have special kid’s menus and activity boxes to keep them entertained. If you do not want to spend big bucks on dining, you can take your own food to nearby picnic spots close to Earls Court.
  • Evenings at the Royal Park: Taking pictures and relaxing at the Royal Kensington Gardens is something your kids will love. Keep a watch for the statue of Peter Pan, the famous Disney character. It is said that the allure and greenery of the gardens forced Peter Pan to never leave. The Diana, Princess of Whales Memorial Playground has a huge pirate ship made out of wood that is sure to excite your kids.
  • Nights at a pub or shopping: Late evenings are a good time to visit the shopping areas and street markets in town. If your children are too tired after shopping, get dinner and put them to bed. You and your spouse can visit one of the many pubs and nightclubs.

Make sure you look for cheap and budget hotels near Kensington Garden and Kensington Palace so that you can commute easily without spending too much time and money.

Facts about Heathrow Airport

On an average, around 191,200 passengers pass through the Heathrow Airport every day, according to the official website of the airport. Undoubtedly, Heathrow is one the busiest airports in the United Kingdom. Located only 22 km away from Central London, the airport is well connected with all major destinations of the city through bus, taxi, tube, and other transport options.

When in London, you can save your time and money by staying at a reputable hotel near Heathrow Airport like Master Robert Hotel. Many London attractions, such as, Twickenham Rugby Stadium and Windsor Castle, are located close to the airport. Moreover, the aerodrome itself is an interesting place to visit.

Top Things to Know about Heathrow Airport

Almost all major airlines operate flights to and from this airport, connecting London to more than 170 destinations worldwide. Here are some interesting facts to know about Heathrow Airport.

  • It was initially known as London Airport. In 1966, it was named as ‘Heathrow.’
  • It was initially built on a small area in the hamlet called Heathrow and was opened in 1929. Later, it was named after the hamlet.
  • In 1944, it was upgraded to a big airfield. The government planned to develop it to a big military aerodrome. However, after the end of World War II, it was handed over to the Air Ministry.
  • The first flight from the airport was from Heathrow to Buenos Aires via Lisbon.
  • Earlier, it had only two terminals called ‘Europa’ and ‘Oceanic.’ Later, they were renamed as Terminals 2 and 3, respectively. Currently, Heathrow has five terminals. Each of them is well connected to the city of London conveniently.
  • It is well connected with almost all major cities of the world. However, New York, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt are the five most popular destinations from this airport.  You will find many budget & cheap hotels in Heathrow Airport. So, if you need to stay there for a night for catching a stopover flight, you can easily find a clean and comfortable accommodation option.
  • Heathrow is maintained and operated by a workforce of 72,000 people. Out of them, around 4,500 are employed by BAA.
  • Around 72.3 million passengers passed through Heathrow in 2013. Around 1.42 million metric tonnes of cargo was shipped through it in the same year.
  • It is the third busiest airport of the world. It ranks after Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta and Beijing International.
  • The airport has two runways, which together could stretch through a total distance of 4.7 miles.

Those who visit London for business purpose often choose to stay at hotels near Heathrow Airport. This helps them to fly to and from London comfortably. Moreover, they can stay close to Great West Road businesses.

Leisure travellers can easily travel around some popular London attractions like Middlesex, Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, Hampton Court, by staying at a hotel near Heathrow Terminal 5. When choosing an accommodation option, important factors like budget, facilities, room size, and distance from the airport should be considered.



Top Places to Eat Near Victoria Stations

Did you know that Victoria Station was inaugurated as far back as 1857? Known as Grosvenor Terminus at that time, today this is a major railway and underground hub in London.  You can even catch the Gatwick Express right here. Staying at cheap & budget hotels near London Victoria is, therefore, a good idea. You will be within an easy commute to some of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, including Westminster, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the London Aquarium. The Royal Albert Hall and Belgravia are located close by too.

Best Places to eat on a Budget near London Victoria

Hotels in London Victoria, like St. George’s Inn Victoria, offerexcellent services at very reasonable rates.While many of these cheap and budget hotels near London Victoria are bed and breakfast places, you might want to try out different eateries without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Some options worth trying are:

  • Pret a Manger: If you wish to try simple market styled fast food, this place would be just right for you. Located right at Victoria Station, this restaurant is ideal for grabbing a cheap and quick lunch. You have salads, soups, sandwiches, hot dogs and loads more to choose from.
  • Grand Imperial London: If you are craving Chinese food on your London holiday and do not wish to spend a fortune on it, visit the Grand Imperial. Located just one minute from Victoria Station, this eatery used to serve pastries, cakes and sandwiches. However, its menu has now been revamped to offer some wonderful prawn crackers, dim sums and pork buns! You can even enjoy some oriental noon time tea here and the prices are great too.
  • Giraffe: The very family friendly Giraffe is extremely popular with kids. However, there is plenty for the other members of the family as well. You can opt for huge portions of chicken wings, cocktails, coffee, freshly squeezed juices, scrambled eggs, veggies, beans, pork sausages and much more. The décor is extremely colorful and the very special Toblerone Cheesecake is a favourite treat here. Being only 2 minutes from Victoria Station, you could simply walk down from your hotel to this restaurant.
  • Ed’s Easy Diner: If you are yearning for American food, Ed’s Easy Diner is the place to head to. Located at Victoria Place Shopping Centre, the potato fries, onion rings, milkshakes and sundaes are absolutely divine here. And of course you have burgers and chilli hot dogs for an ideal American meal. The décor is bright, with neon and sparkling colours. Overall, it is indeed a happy space to be in.

It is important to plan every detail of the trip in advance to ensure a hassle-free and memorable holiday. Cheap & budget hotels in London Victoria should also be booked well in advance.


How to Save Money on Your London Trip

Is a tight budget holding you back from planning a London trip? Worry not, because there are ways to save money on your trip to London. For first time visitors, London may seem an expensive city. However, once you learn some tips, you can actually cut down your expenses considerably, without having to compromise on the comfort and convenience.

Start by choosing a budget hotel that is strategically located. For instance, you can book one of the budget hotels in Belgravia London like Victoria Inn London. This ensures that you are staying close to some of London’s most popular tourist attractions, such as, Victoria Coach Station, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Belgravia London, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, Royal Albert Hall, Harrods London, and Brixton Academy. This means that you save a lot on your transportation costs. In fact, you can actually walk up to some these places. If you need to visit a distant place like Oxford Street in Central London, you can travel conveniently by tube.

Tips for Touring London on a Budget

When you visit an unknown place, a lot of our money goes in travelling, eating and shopping. Ideally, you need to find ways to save money on these things. Here are some useful tips.

  • Use an Oyster Card for transportation – London offers several transport options, such as, bus, train, taxi, and tube. If your hotel is located close to a tube station, nothing could be more cost effective, comfortable, and convenient than travelling by tube. You can save more by using an Oyster Card. The card enables you travel as many times as you want in a day at an affordable price. If you book the card after 9:30am, the cost would be even lower.
  • Visit free attractions – Many popular tourist destinations in London can be accessed for free. Some major options include the London Eye, the Tower of London, the British Museum, Albert Hall Museum and many more. If you choose to stay at a budget hotel in Belgravia London, you can visit these places conveniently.
  • Compare meal prices – Prices of meals vary widely depending on where you want to eat. For instance, you can expect cheap yet quality foods in Harrods. In comparison, the price of meals in some other parts of the city is quite expensive. So, it is very important to compare and choose where to dine. Similarly, drinks are also available in varying prices. All you need to do is to keep your eyes open and look for quality items for cheap.
  • Shop around – If you are planning to do a lot of shopping when in London, you should also choose where to shop. For a same item, you may find different price tags in different places. This is exactly why you should shop around and look for budget items without compromising on the quality. Some good places to shop are Borough Market and the Portobello Road market in Notting Hill. You will find electronics, costumes, fashion accessories, and some delicious foods in these marketplaces.

With careful planning, you can save a lot of money on your London tour. You can save by booking rooms in your chosen hotel in advance. Some hotels also offer seasonal discounts. It would be a good idea to grab these offers.



Advice For Finding The Right Hotel For You In Australia

For such a massive country in terms of land size, Australia has an incredibly small population of roughly 23 million people. However, it’s a seriously eclectic place, made up of different peoples and cultures scattered across mostly large cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. There are many different places to stay in Australia, so much so it can be overwhelming choosing where you are going to book.  However, working out which type of hotel you want to stay in can help make your choice a little easier.  Obviously if you are a business traveller and are visiting Sydney, you may have heard that the hotels in the Central Business District are the best to stay in.  Not only are they situated in the city centre, but they are normally 5-star and include many onsite features as well and are located close to public transportation, shopping centres and restaurants, cafes and other eateries. 

Boutique hotels may be more up your street if you are looking for something a little different and unique compared to the more popular and widespread hotel chains.  Although not often cheap, boutique hotel owners normally pride themselves at providing a much higher standard of service than you would likely get from a larger hotel.

One popular destination for many travellers with a smaller budget is the 3 star hotels in the Darling Harbour area.  These hotels are slap bang in the middle of the entertainment district of Sydney and are close enough to the harbour that you are privy to some picturesque and stunningly beautiful views of the bay and the city.  As this part of the city is bustling with tourists, there is no shortage of things to do with shopping centres, galleries, gardens, playgrounds and many different eateries within close proximity to your hotel.

The actual fact is that it doesn’t really matter where you choose to stay while visiting Sydney or Australia, you will still be looking to find a good deal to make your budget (whatever that may be) go as far as it possibly can.  Below are some tips to help you do just that.

Don’t settle on the first hotel you come across that takes your fancy.  Check other hotels in the area, comparing and contrasting them to make sure you find the very best deal for what you need from your hotel stay and room.

One of the best ways to find great deals is to search online using sites such as Sleep And Go, where you can find hotel rooms that will not only meet your personal preferences but also your budget too.  While you are looking online for hotel rooms, take a look also at reviews by people who have stayed in those hotels.  By doing this you will have a better idea of whether or not you are going to receive the service you expect.

If you are looking at the deals online and they all seem to be out of your price range, try contacting some hotels directly.  In the past, hotel managers have been known to offer reduced rates or special offers to customers phoning, that were less expensive than the advertised rates.  Another tip while you are on the phone to hotel managers it to ask about last minute deals.  Empty rooms don’t make the hotel money, so often they will reduce the price of rooms by ridiculous amounts just to ensure they are filled.