Organising The Stag Doo? Exciting Places to Visit

Organising a stag do can be a real challenge, especially if you haven’t done it before, and so you’ll need to put a lot of thought into selecting the perfect location for your friend’s special occasion. While you’re obviously free to ask the opinion of other people in your group, as the best man, the final decision will be down to you. Remember, this event is all about spending an evening with the lads (possibly for the last time), and also doing something new and exciting. With that in mind, this article will bring a number of places to your attention, that you might like to consider.

Don’t misunderstand the point here, you probably don’t want to spend thousands on a posh hotel in Dubai or anything like that. In fact, sometimes it’s the cheaper places that offer the most enjoyment. As you will see in a moment, all the destinations highlighted in this post are guaranteed to be perfect for this occasion, so give me your full attention, and we’ll begin…


When most people think of Jamaica, they picture Rastafarians smoking slightly dubious herbs and spending their days worshiping the ex-Ethiopian king Haile Selassie. However, this isn’t an accurate representation of what you can expect to experience in this country. Sure, that goes on, but this place is actually renowned for it’s activities suited for adrenaline junkies. So, if you feel your group might like to try some white water rafting, or maybe you can picture them bungee jumping from the Flat Bridge over the Rio Cobre river, this destination is well worth a look.


Although most people don’t realise it, Turkey is an amazing stag do destination thanks to it’s world famous hot air balloon rides and organised parachute jumping. Some people can be a little nervous about partaking in activities like this in a foreign country, but there people who run things here are just as conscious of health and safety as we are in the west. Just make sure you bring your sun cream if you travel during the summer this year, as it can become very very hot indeed.  

Kentucky – USA

As it says on the website, Americas love of horse racing started here in 1875, and thanks to organisers making the event a regular thing, hundreds of thousands of people still tune into the Kentucky Derby each and every year. So, if you’re traveling during the summer, why not book your stag do trip around this weekend? Okay, so, horse racing might not satisfy the most ardent of thrill seekers amongst you, but it will definitely add a lot of excitement and suspense to your short holiday.


Lastly, opting to visit Switzerland could be the perfect solution if you, and the members of the stag party enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Maybe you all used to play out with your skateboards during the 1990’s? We’ll snowboarding isn’t really that different, and so you should have a fantastic time, regardless of the low temperatures.

Well my friends, that’s me done for today, but I hope you’ve now got some great ideas as to which destinations would suit your group best. At the end of the day, these few days will be all about the groom-to-be, so just try to have as much fun as possible.

See you next time!


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Why Camping and Caravanning Holidays Are Becoming The UK’s Favourite Holiday Choice

When it comes to taking the family on a nice holiday, many parents are typically not happy about the prices they have to pay for package deals, flights or accommodation abroad.

According to a recent price-checking survey conducted by The Telegraph newspaper, it would appear that parents are having to fork out up to 40% more on average for their holidays simply because of an unknown “school holiday tax” which the travel industry seems to have made up!


Some parents have decided to take matters into their own hands by taking their children away on holiday during term time, however, since new laws were brought in back in September 2013 it is now highly likely that they will be fined for doing so; it would seem that parents have no choice but to cough up the extra cash!

But an increasing attractive alternative for thousands of parents across the United Kingdom is to stay within Britain and instead embark on a camping or caravan holiday! Here are some of the reasons why this alternative holiday choice is becoming increasingly popular with families all over Britain:

Camping and caravan holidays are fun

There is a certain sense of nostalgia that comes with going on a holiday where your accommodation is basically a tent or a caravan!

It’s actually a really fun way to spend time with your family, and helps to teach your children essential outdoors skills that they may never have otherwise gained if they just stayed in a hotel room somewhere.

School holidays abroad are prohibitively expensive

Perhaps the most obvious reason why many families in the UK are opting to stay within the British Isles for family holidays is down to the cost factor.

Given that Britain is still in the process of an economic recovery, many families are reluctant to spend several hundreds of pounds more on an overseas holiday during the school holidays, and quite rightly so; after all, would you pay a significantly higher amount of money because your holiday isn’t during term time?

Going on a camping or caravan holiday with your family will cost you a fraction of the cost of flying to an overseas travel destination, and represents excellent value for money.

Caravans are modern and quite luxurious these days

Some people think that caravans are pretty sparse when it comes to creature comforts, but having spent a lot of time staying in caravans during holidays I can tell you that they are actually just like being in a mobile version of home!

For example, a Webasto air heater will help to keep you warm at night, and because all modern caravans have connection points for hooking up to electricity on campsites and caravan sites, you will obviously benefit from being able to use your familiar electrical appliances in the caravan such as laptop computers, televisions, hair dryers and more.

The days of cold, damp and miserable caravans have been over for some time, so you should take this opportunity to show your children what Britain has to offer – and save some cash in the process!

Skiing Tips for Total Beginners

Skiing down a beautiful white mountain through heaps of unspoiled snow with the sun shining in a crystal clear blue sky is one of the best feelings you can ever imagine. However, for complete beginners it can be hard to know when to start – you don’t want to worry so much about getting something wrong that you forget to enjoy yourself. We have some skiing tips here for total beginners, so just about anybody can hit the slopes with confidence and know-how:

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Gravity will probably try to take you where you don’t want to go. This means you must learn how to steer before taking your chances on the slopes!

Getting Your Balance

To get your balance you need to find a stance that is comfortable for you. Staying upright while sliding down a slippery slope isn’t easy, so you need to get this down.

Dressing Appropriately

You need to make sure you’re warm enough so you can ski comfortably. Check the weather in the area every morning to ensure maximum comfort. Here’s what you should wear:

  • Sunglasses in the sun, or goggles when it’s shady.
  • Make sure there’s a thermal layer next to your skin, not a cotton layer.
  • Multiple layers of clothing will keep you much warmer than one thick layer.
  • One pair of socks is enough – more will make your feet colder!
  • Make sure your outer layers are waterproof.

Protecting Your Skin

You need to make sure that your skin is well protected from the sun, wind, and cold. All of those elements can have horrible side effects! You can get wind and cold burn, and even sunburn as the snow reflects the sun’s rays.

Colour Coded Slopes

The slopes are all colour coded, which reflects how difficult they are. Green slopes are the easiest so most suited to beginners, whereas blue, red, and black become more difficult. Make sure you don’t throw yourself into the deep end early in the morning or later on in the afternoon.

Getting Insurance

Accidents can happen, no matter where you’re staying when skiing; whether that be in chalets in Val D’isere or somewhere on the Alps. It’s no use thinking that the worst won’t happen to you! Make sure you’re well prepared, and get travel insurance that includes winter sports cover.

Learning the Moves

  • Moving your skis – your skis will be clamped to your boots on your feet. If you turn your foot right, your ski will also turn right. Get familiar with the feeling of the skis on your feet and which muscles you’ll be using in the turns. You always point your skis where you want to go by turning your feet!
  • Your stance – by taking up a good stance, you’ll have less of a chance of sliding over when you start skiing. Having your feet shoulder width apart will give you more support and stop you from falling over.
  • Speed control/stopping yourself – The wider your feet are apart the slower you should go. If you want to stop, simply make the gap in between your toes smaller and the gap at the back of your feet larger.
  • Turning – turning is easy. You simply need to turn your feet in the direction you’d like to go. This can slow you down on a steep slope but won’t stop you from moving.

One more tip for you – look where you’d like to go! Usually, you’ll end up going in the direction you’re looking. Have a great time on your ski trip!

The Top Outdoor Adventure Spots for Hunting and Fishing

Are you sick of the same old fishing hole ten miles down the road? If you’ve got the time, money, and ambition, you absolutely must consider going on one of these outdoors adventures for the avid hunters and fisherman. A vacation dedicated to sport fishing will leave you with lasting memories and stories you can tell your pals for years to come. Imagine being the one to have caught a fish “this big” at the next get together.

If the wife says let’s go to Cancun, you say how about Cape Town in South Africa to watch great whites. Do something extraordinary for your next vacation. Stop following relatives to overpopulated beaches and tourist hot spots. Maybe a hunting trip isn’t for the whole family, but the natural wonders waiting to be seen at these locations astound any person.

1. South Africa Trophy Hunting

Have you ever wanted to hunt big game? Were you thinking about bears, moose, bobcats, and elk? Well, take that vision one step further to go trophy hunting in South Africa. Book a trip to South Africa to hunt over 25 various diverse species. Sound like an adventure?

Benefit from professional guides who lead you to the various spots to hunt such animals as zebra, wildebeest, and impala. When at a ranch, don’t forget to bring more than enough ammo to take down one of these majestic beasts. For whatever ammunition you need, maybe checkout  You surely won’t encounter any of these animals in the United States.

2. Great White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Do you want to hang with the world’s deadliest predator? Don’t fret, there will be no box jellyfish on this adventure. If you’ve taken the earlier advice to go big game hunting in South Africa, you’d be a fool not to see the Great White sharks off the coast.

You don’t have to go cage diving with great whites. But then again, telling your buddies about how you survived with a great white inches of your body is an unbelievable tale and once in a lifetime experience.

3. Fishing in a Malaysian Rainforest

Pack your fishing gear, prepare for hot and humid weather, and book a flight to Malaysia. Visit the Royal Belum Forest Reserves for an unusual fishing adventure. If you’re a seasoned or novice fly fisherman, this trip will challenge you physically and mentally. You’ll be surrounded by natural jungle in either Kenyir Jungle or Wild Temenggor.

You can go day fishing in Wild Temenggor in this rainforest, which boasts the 2nd largest body of fresh water. Also, the Keyir Jungle boasts the largest freshwater body reserve in South East Asia where you can fish in the flooded rainforest in various remote locations for a little peace and quiet in the jungle.

4. Unique Fishing in Australia

Australia boasts a coastline that is known for some exciting sport fishing. Professional fisherman from all over the world travel to this continent for a chance to catch giant trevally, sharks, barramundi, or any one of the 250 recorded species in these waters.

If you’re searching for a quiet and untouched waters away from most of the tourist fisherman, then maybe you should travel north of Sydney to South West Rocks in New South Wales. This undisturbed and quaint fishing village will finally provide the solitude you treasure while fishing.

5. Alligator Hunting in Louisiana

If you’ve grown tired of duck hunting or whitetail hunting, then maybe a trip south to where the Mississippi River meets Atchafalaya and Red Rivers might give you the needed thrill to spice your life. Rather than go traveling to a new city, hunt alligators, wild hogs, doves, and if you’re still in the mood, ducks.

You won’t experience anything quite as unique as hunting alligators. These fierce reptiles will have you on your toes the entire trip. They aren’t as large or scary as a saltwater crocodile, but they are deadly.

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