Beautiful Destinations in California for Those Who Enjoy The Outdoors

Are you from a big city looking for some peace and quiet during your next vacation? Perhaps you’re a nature lover and simply enjoy the therapeutic benefits of spending time outdoors? Whatever the case is, you’ll find that sunny California has exactly what you need. Sure you hear about the metropolitan cities, party scene, and beaches, but there’s a lot more to this state than meets the eye. 

Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, camping, or just want to try something new on your next vacation, here are a few beautiful areas in California worth checking out: 

Burney Falls 

Situated in northern Cali in the McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park you’ll find the breathtaking view of Burney Falls. Hike the various trails and get a glimpse of the magnificent waterfalls as they spray down cooling mist at onlookers. It really is a sight to see, just be sure you wear supportive footwear as the trails can be pretty bumpy. You can even go for a swim if you don’t mind the chilly temperatures. 

South Carlsbad State Park 

If you’ve never been camping on a beach you have to visit South Carlsbad State Park. With more than 212 campsites available for use, it’s the perfect destination for a family road trip. You can hitch your RV or tents and enjoy life with nature for a few days. The park has plenty of outdoor activities for everyone to try including paddle boarding, fishing, hiking, swimming, surfing, and more. You can go to to learn more about things to do in the state park. 

Lake Tahoe

You can’t have a list of beautiful outdoor places to visit in California without mentioning Lake Tahoe. Like something out of a movie the scenery is heaven. Gorgeous blue waters, stunning snow-capped mountains, and plenty of water spots to enjoy a plethora of activities. While Emerald Bay offers campgrounds and hiking trails, Sand Harbor offers crisp, clear, blue water and soothing sand. Go fishing, hiking, scuba diving, paddleboarding, kayaking, or simply walk around taking the best photos of wildlife, trees, sands, bodies of water, and all nature has to offer. 

Yosemite National Park

You can’t be a lover of nature or outdoorsy type without visiting Yosemite National Park in California. This is a travel destination that you have to see to believe. There are literally miles of beautiful bodies of water including lakes and rivers, 3 of the tallest waterfalls on the planet, and some of the largest trees in the country, this is a natural destination you’ll want to revisit time and time again. 

Channel Islands National Park

Another park worth visiting while you’re in California is the Channel Islands National park. Here, you’ll discover nature in ways you never have before. You can go whale-watching and spot some of the most amazing sea creatures alive. In the wintertime, you’ll love watching the elephant-seals come back to mate on the beaches. You can take a kayaking tour through exotic sea caves and even camp outdoors with wildlife like seabirds and island fox. If that’s not enough outdoor action try going for a swim, scuba diving, or snorkeling in tide pools. 

Mount Shasta

You may have driven by this nature attraction if you were heading from Portland to San Francisco down the I-5 corridor, but Mount Shasta is a great place to visit in California if you love the outdoors. This volcanic peak is more than 14,000 feet wide and is situated just 50 miles from the Oregon border. You’ll find an array of slopes, volcanic buttes, lakes, and rivers to enjoy. It’s the perfect travel destination for the adventurists, artists, or those looking for a spiritual awakening. Whether you’re planning a road trip with your family, going away with your significant other, looking to spend quality time with your friends, or are planning a solo trip to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life, California could be the place for you. With all these beautiful attractions to see, you’ll certainly have the experience of a lifetime.   

All You Need To Know About the Danish Bike



Bicycle culture is indisputably an old one. In fact, bikes have been in existence for centuries. Besides having a bygone age, their evolvement is a rapid process that is majoring in modern design and emerging trends. Nowadays when someone talks about a bike, new meanings show up. Ideally, the biking tradition is not common in many places, but it has noticeable fame in some areas. It is prudent to conclude bicycling will spill to more regions in a very a short time.

Denmark is one of the many regions where biking is a lifestyle. As a country, she has accumulated a lot of fame for herself recording the highest number of bikes. You will probably need to know why the Danes have embraced the idea so well that even the whole world is borrowing from them. Good products are for beautiful people. Many companies have taken themselves the burden of meeting the rising demand for these bikes.

As a result, bicycling has become so fun with simple technology that encompasses greatness in architectural design. Bikes that come from this innovation are primarily great with features that are more specialized. The Danish bike is one of the many bikes that define biking more precisely. It will usually go out of the ordinary to enhance simplicity in cycling. Perhaps, this is the explanation behind the unwavering love for bikes in Denmark. The unique mobility of this bike tells why the tradition will never fade.

Singular Beauty of Biking

Choosing a bike in favor of a car will always reward. Whether your aim is having fun, traveling to work or even sporting biking will still accommodate your objectives. Assume you are going to work and suddenly congestion catches you unaware. It is at this time that you will realize the importance of alternatives. In packed cities, bikes together with their tiny sizes will suit you if you are the kind of person who hates delay.

Making of a bike will always tell whether it is going stay on peak or disappoint. Trends will suppose that all persons should catch up with modernity as well as design. Bicycle manufacture reflects all this with a great look that speaks more about modern design. One fact to consume is that in the making of bikes most curving is by hand. It is what ensures that people of different sizes are riding in style.

Affordability is what determines whether someone will own one or miss out. For bikes, the budget does not require much attention considering their low prices. What you will need to know is that not all of them are same. The price tags will always differ depending on looks, design, type and many more determining factors. Though variations are frequent, the threshold will still be attainable for anyone wishing to be a bike owner.

We live in crucial times where nearly everything remains subject to environmental conservation. If you are seeking to churn your pedals, a factor to consider at all times is the environment. It will determine whether your next generation will bike or not. The consoling truth is that bikes are much ideal for use in an area where environmental pollution hangs on the balance. They relate well to every aspect of our surrounding due to their non-emitting trait.

Since it is impossible to suppress the usage of bikes, it is essential that we all prepare for a looming change. The flagship will begin when we appreciate the fact that a fast-changing world will require an alternative mode of transport. Commuting by bike will tell your love for a change. When welcoming biking in a new era, it will mean a new and unique mode of transport for all people.

Hitech Surveys Discover Hidden Chamber in the Great Pyramid



Advances in Technology Continue to Unlock More of the Pharaoh’s Secrets

The Great Pyramid of Giza has inspired and intrigued countless generations. Expect a new wave of interest, as scientists discover a new hidden chamber.

Arguably the most magnificent example of human endeavour on the planet, you would be forgiven for thinking there is nothing new to learn about the Great Pyramid of Giza. After all, it has stood for around 4,500 years and is the oldest and best-preserved Wonder of the Ancient World.

Could any other construction have had greater examination and analysis over the years? It seems impossible. Yet despite this, new technology in the form of measured building surveys has brought some new revelations regarding this ancient wonder. Let’s find out more.

Muon radiography

The latest analysis was carried out by a scientific team from Nagoya University in Japan, who decided to use a technique called muon radiography. Muons are subatomic particles, similar in nature to electrons but with greater mass, that are part of the natural background radiation all around us. The air is full of them, and every minute of every day, a single muon passes through an area the size of your thumb once per second.

Muon radiography measures the absorption rate of muons in a given material and it provides an accurate representation of density. If more muons are scattered or absorbed, the material is denser. If nothing is present, the muons travel without hindrance.

The researchers placed detectors around the pyramid and used these to detect muons and thereby create a three dimensional map of the areas inside the Great Pyramid. The results, which were published in Nature magazine, make for compelling reading.

What did they find?

The analysis provided accurate maps of the King’s chamber, the Queen’s chamber and the subterranean chamber. All these are rooms that are well known and documented, and these therefore gave confidence that the technology was working effectively.

The interesting point came when the area above the Grand Gallery was analysed. It revealed a void approximately 30 metres long. Repeat analyses confirmed the results, and there can be no doubt that there is an extra chamber in there which has lain undiscovered for thousands of years.

What is it?

Egyptologist Aidan Dodson, from the University of Bristol, was excited by the findings in as much as they can provide insights into the building techniques used thousands of years ago. However, he warned that it would be foolish to expect the hidden chamber to contain a secret treasure horde. He suggests that it is more likely to be an intentional void left during construction to reduce the weight on the ceiling. Similar techniques have been observed in other pyramids.

Meanwhile, government officials are playing down the discovery. The Ministry of Antiquities published a statement on social media, essentially saying that the Great Pyramid is full of voids, and that this one has been known about for years. However, it then went on to say that it is awaiting further reports and assessment from the scientific community, suggesting that there might be more to the discovery than it is so far willing to acknowledge.

6 Ideas to Make Money While Traveling the World



Many people dream of finding a way which allows them to work while traveling the world. Some like global entrepreneur Varsha Rao have managed it, in their own way. What about you? The truth is – it’s not so difficult, as long as you’re prepared to think outside the box, and possibly get out your comfort zone.

Working while traveling sounds idyllic, and it is, but the biggest obstacle is usually the economic one: people are terrified of leaving their jobs and do not know what they would do to survive while traveling. So, I’m sharing these ideas to make money as you travel the world: adapt them and add your personal touch to transform them into ideas that will finally help you fulfill your dream of traveling.

  1. Street artist

If you have an artistic gift, it’s time to take advantage of it! From playing an instrument to painting pictures, making portraits or juggling, everything is valid. You can even put on your own stand-up comedy or magic show!

  1. Freelance work

From working for a call center answering calls from your computer to business consulting, writing, graphic design, and programming, there are dozens of job options that can be done on a freelance basis.

  1. Classes and workshops

Do you know how to do something different? Teach it! From language classes to cooking, dance, math, physics or chemistry classes, aromatherapy, yoga and many more, there is always something you can do, and that you are good at, and that you can offer to others as a class or workshop, anywhere you are.

  1. Work with an international show

Of course, it’s difficult to be a singer or musician in a band; but there are dozens of other jobs to cover in itinerant shows such as circuses, theater or dance shows. From sewing to makeup, filming and even as a personal assistant to the stars, you will surely find a job with an international show that will take you on a journey!

  1. Seasonal work

The good thing about seasonal work is that you will have a job all year round if you travel from north to south. And the seasonal work goes from picking vegetables, fruits or flowers, to jobs related to tourism like waiter, maid, cook and more.

  1. Au pair

Of course, this may sound intimidating; but an au pair is nothing more than a nanny. And if you like children, it may just be the opportunity you are looking for to travel and earn money at the same time.

Get creative, identify your practical skills, experience, or passion and develop your own ideas to support yourself financially while traveling. Happy traveling!

If you know of other ways to earn money while traveling around the world, leave a comment below.

7 Outstanding Places to Visit While You’re Vacationing in Texas

Texans have a saying: “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” Texas is a giant state—the second largest in the nation in both area and population. And there are a vast number of places to visit if you ever choose Texas as your vacation destination. From the big city metropolitan areas such as Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and El Paso, to the broad flatlands of West Texas and the beaches and coastlines of the east, there’s plenty to do and see. Here are seven of the outstanding places to visit in Texas. 

  1. NASA’s Space Center (Houston, TX)

At NASA’s Space Center in Houston, you can see fascinating artifacts including a replica of the Lunar Module, the Mercury 9 capsule flown by Gordon Cooper, the Gemini 5 capsule flown by Cooper and Pete Conrad, the Apollo 17 Command Module, and more. If you have a space nerd in your family, or if you’re just interested in the final frontier, you’re sure to find this Texas treasure and interesting place to see.

  1. Alamo Mission (San Antonio, TX)

The Alamo Mission is a piece of living history in the heart of downtown San Antonio. One minute, you’re walking amidst modern shops and business establishments, and the next you’ve taken a step back in time. The white stone fortress was the site of the last stand of brave Texans against Mexico.

  1. Dallas World Aquarium (Dallas, TX)

You can find some of the world’s most beautiful marine life hundreds of miles from the ocean. In the West End historic district of the biggest city in North Texas, get a glimpse of water-dwelling creatures that have been threatened or endangered in their natural habitat. Learn about such fascinating animals as sharks, stingrays, and lionfish. Thinking about visiting the Dallas World Aquarium? The Marriott SpringHill Suites Dallas DFW Airport East is a great place to stay.

  1. Six Flags Fiesta (San Antonio, TX)

Looking for nothing but fun and games in Texas? Six Flags Fiesta in San Antonio is the place to be. This amusement park features the world’s first single rail roller coaster and the brand-new Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster. With many choices of rides, food, and attractions, you can spend all day at Six Flags. If you’re visiting in the Fall, don’t forget to check out Fright Fest, the park’s super-scary Halloween attraction.

  1. Franklin Mountains State Park (El Paso, TX)

In the mood for some hiking, climbing, and camping? The head all the way out to the very edge of East Texas to the Franklin Mountains State Park in El Paso. You can visit for a day or stay overnight. The best part is, while you get a hundred percent outdoor experience, the entire park lies completely within city limits. It’s the largest urban park in America and is a great place for scenic driving and picnicking.

  1. USS Lexington (Corpus Christi, TX)

You can visit the west coast city of Corpus Christi for its bright and beautiful beaches, or you can visit for a first-hand glimpse of World War II history. The USS Lexington is aircraft carrier that operates as a floating museum in Corpus Christi Bay. You can see a WWII-era gun battery, the newly opened catapult, or you can catch a movie on the recently installed IMAX-style MEGA theater. But, this warship isn’t nicknamed “The Blue Ghost” for nothing. It also holds a haunted house for the those who like their historical experiences to be a little scary.

  1. Big Bend National Park (Southeast Texas)

From the Rio Grande River to the Chisos mountains, to the Chihuahuan Desert, you won’t find an attraction more rugged or more beautiful than Big Bend. Covering more than 800,000 acres, it is home to 1,200 species of plants, over 450 types of birds, 56 types of reptiles, and 75 types of mammals. Take a trip through Big Bend, and you’ll never be bored.

These are just a few of the wonderful places you can visit in Texas. Remember, it’s a big state. No matter where you go, you’re bound to arrive in wonderful and interesting places.

Gap Year? Stay a Step Ahead with Safety Boots

Taking a year out is often a recommended choice for university-age students; there is a wide world out there waiting to be explored, and there is plenty to be said for going abroad and learning more about yourself. Those who take a gap year tend to come back enriched and with a better understanding of life, and it is an experience that really cannot be matched. Given that you may go to university and then follow the often-trod path of getting a job and starting a family, it may also be the only chance you get to take time out for yourself to explore the world.

So, what do we recommend you take with you when you head off into the unknown to get to know the world? Well, first and foremost, the best safety boots your budget allows you to buy! Why are safety boots so important? The simple fact is that, however you travel and wherever you choose to go, you will be doing a lot of walking. It is, after all, the cheapest way to get around, and you will find that it allows you to check out places such as the off-the-beaten-track areas of towns and cities, plus popular walking tracks in the countryside, more readily and intimately. Boots are essential as you need your feet to be comfortable and protected, so we really do place a high value on the best boots.

Plan Ahead

It’s always sensible to plan ahead when taking a gap year, as you need to know where you can go on the budget you have available. Train tickets are surprisingly cheap in some countries – especially if booked in advance – and cheap air travel means you can now reach previously unavailable places with ease. Planning ahead also means you can leave an itinerary with someone at home, which is a great idea if you want to ensure you remain as safe and secure as possible when on your travels.

Also, be vigilant when you travel, and keep a close eye on what is happening around you. Wherever you go you will come across people who are less than trustworthy, so we recommend keeping money in a money belt, and keeping expensive watches and jewellery out of the view of others whenever possible.

Be Well-Equipped

The best advice we can give is to make a list of all the things you think you will need when travelling, then ask around others who have experience – they are bound to tell you of things you have not thought about! If you are concerned about which boots for hiking you need, we recommend you check out for more information, and for a wide choice of quality boots at sensible and affordable prices.

Taking a gap year is a great idea, and when you return, you will certainly feel that you know yourself and the world a lot better, and will be better prepared for what comes next in life.

Effect of Electromagnetic Waves on the Human Brain



Smartphones are part of our daily lives, and now they have advanced features that perform most functions. Which include real money online gambling. Visit’s online pokies for more information. Most of our time is now spent using a mobile device since the invention of mobile internet. Research conducted by scientists found that smartphones produce an electromagnetic wave.

This wave has a negative effect on human brains and cause cancer development. The impact of electromagnetic wave and radiation emitted by cell phones is a highly debated issue. Scientists are still in process of proving whether smartphones are harmful to human health. Moreover, the radiation emitted by smartphones is being studied. Most scientific studies have failed to prove the link between cell phones and brain tumor or cancer. Smartphones emit an insignificant amount of radiation to affect human health of frequent users.

Effects hand-held devices on your back and neck.

A smartphone is the most handheld device in the world due to its various functions. People spend many hours on their smartphones texting, researching, playing real money casinos online among other things. Physicians reported that there is a connection between cell phones and physical health of frequent users. A headache, finger discomfort, hand tremor, back and neck pain are among the discovered effects of cell phones.

Frequent usage of hand-held devices can cause tension to muscles resulting in pain. Spending too much time on your smartphone while you bending your neck and back is not recommendable. Try to always use your mobile device with your neck and back held in a straight position. In addition, you need to stretch a bit after using on your mobile device for a long time. Tensions in your muscles are loosened up and prevented from building up by stretching.  This also applies to desktop and laptop users, avoid sitting down in the same position for a long time. Always use your device in a comfortable position.

Best Cars for Mountain Living




Mountain living isn’t for the faint of heart. Steep grades, rock slide potential and remote mountain passes often mean treacherous driving conditions. Then there’s the snow. Most mountain communities experience significant enough snowfall to warrant owning a four wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle. Some winters are so intense that tire chains are necessary to get around. A few car manufacturers have taken special care to create vehicles that perform exceptionally well in winter weather and on steep grades. You can research any of the vehicles and read reviews on them at

Volvo has a reputation for building some of the safest cars on the planet. The manufacturer’s  XC 90 and XC70 models are both found to perform well in snow. Both models feature Volvo’s advanced safety system and offer more than adequate ground clearance. Both models also feature an all wheel drive engine which means more maneuverability when the white stuff starts falling.

Jeep is an American classic and almost all models in the car manufacturer’s lineup were designed for fun off road fun in mind. It’s Grand Cherokee and Patriot both perform well in winter weather offering 8 plus inches in ground clearance. Both models are available with four wheel drive transmission often necessary for navigating mountain passes.

The Subaru Outback was made for the snow. The latest models offer countless safety features and all wheel drive capabilities. The vehicles Xmode and hill assist features provide the vehicle with additional performance enhancement capabilities in wet or icy conditions. The Outback practically drives in dicey conditions for you.

Land Rover has earned a reputation over the decades it’s been creating vehicles. That reputation is that its vehicles are tough and ready for anything. The Land Rover Discovery is exceptionally ready for the winter months ahead. The vehicle delivers all wheel drive transmission that can be adapted for specific driving conditions, and automatic features kick in when the car senses trouble for the ultimate in passenger protection.

Comfortable Travel from Airport to Destination


Flying can be a stressful experience, with a lot of necessary waiting at both ends, so making sure you have everything booked and in place is always essential. Australia is a long way from the UK on a plane, but is well worth the visit as there are many fine cities and others places to visit. Indeed, it is quite unlike any other land and has an utterly unique culture. If you are flying into Australia for business you should still book all your airport transfers in advance, and if Perth is your destination, we have the ideal solution for you.

Perth is a wonderful city; the largest in Western Australia and the capital, it is a thriving city with excellent holiday attractions and a very busy business and commerce centre. Whether you are flying into the international airport or are on a domestic flight, we recommend you check out Link Airport, the leading name in Perth airport transfers and other ground transport services. You will find they have the very best service and solutions at sensible prices, and you will not be disappointed with the level of service provided.

Link Airport Solutions

There are many special reasons why you should choose Link Airport over other such service providers, not least the professionalism and attention to detail that they bestow on all of their clients. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, the level of service will be equally high, and you will find the choice of vehicle and level of comfort to be suitably impressive.

Link Airport use a fleet of luxury SUV’s and executive sedans, so you will be able to enjoy your trip from airport to hotel or business centre in absolute comfort and luxury. You will be met in the airport building, at no extra cost, by the chauffeur, who is professionally trained and always courteous, and who will happily help you with your luggage. You are also guaranteed to be met on time, as a dispatcher will check your flight arrival time twice every hour, and a unique and streamlined pick-up service means you have the very minimum of waiting time at the Perth airport.

Social and Leisure Use

Link Airport can also offer you a range of other services, including social and leisure transport. They can arrange to have you picked up at a restaurant or bar, for example, and taken to our next stop in luxury. If you are on holiday with children, they will also supply booster cushions and infant seats for safety and comfort, and you are recommended to ask about this service when booking.

You can find out all the information you need on booking your airport transfer or other ground transport service at the Link Airport website, where you can also fill in a quick online form for a free, no-obligation quote. You can also get in touch with them via the contact details provided, and one of the friendly and helpful team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Trip of a Lifetime at Ningaloo Reef



Everybody has an ambition that they want to achieve in their lifetime; it might be something practical such as having a child, or getting a job you deserve. Or, it could be something exciting and fun, such as visiting a particular place or enjoying a certain experience. As for places to visit, we are lucky to live on a planet with a massive amount of diversity in terms of landscapes, animals and other wildlife, and when you begin to think about it, a great deal of the most astonishing and amazing of our living creatures exist in the seas and oceans.

Seeing wild animals in a zoo or safari park setting is not the same as experiencing them in the wild, in their natural habitat. This is even more so when we consider the great creatures of the oceans, those that live beneath the surface and come up only occasionally. The chance to swim with some of these is something that you simply cannot miss, and it’s a very real opportunity if you visit the Ningaloo Reef, a stunning part of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Western Australia.

Swimming with Whale Sharks

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to experience, up close and in their natural habitat, magnificent whale sharks that let you swim alongside? That’s just one of the many exciting things you can do if you take a trip to the Ningaloo Reef. If you check out the website you will find all the information you could possibly need on how you – and your family – can enjoy an experience that is quite unlike anything else.

Despite their name, whale sharks are a placid creature, posing no threat or harm to man, and those in the Ningaloo area are quite used to people swimming and diving among them. The younger ones can be quite playful, in fact, and these glorious, serene and intelligent fish – the biggest species of fish in the world – will provide you with endless entertainment. Put simply, if you can swim, you can take a trip on the Ningaloo Whaleshark-N-Dive boat, the Aliikai, and witness these quite spectacular creatures up close, and even the kids can swim with the whale sharks, so docile they are.

Enjoy the Experience

During your trip on the boat you will be accompanied by a Marine Biologist, who will educate and inform you about whale sharks, plus the many other wonderful sea creatures you may be able to watch. If in season, you may even see majestic humpbacked whales, amazing manta rays and playful dolphins, as well as the many turtles that inhabit the reef and surrounding area.

The Ningaloo Reef is genuinely unique, and few places in the world offer you such an opportunity to swim with creatures as astonishing as these. Check out the website now for more information on what you can see and do in the bay, and book yourself and your family a holiday that you will never forget.