Celebrate 25 Years of Reunification in Germany

Celebrate 25 Years of Reunification in Germany

The Brandenburg Gate, the symbol of freedom and unity for Germany

It’s been 25 years since the famous moment marking the end of separation between West and East Germany. The reunification was a source of joy for Germany, but also, the start of a difficult transition to reunify the people and redevelop the region. Now, there is motive to celebrate: in these 25 years, Germany has come a long way and is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the world!

Germany is going all out in their 25 year reunification celebrations, especially on the touristic side: running contests to free trips to Germany, coming up with fun ideas like the #germany25reunified campaign, or displaying the beauty of the region in artistic and interesting narration videos. A few glances through the videos and it’s easy to see why Germany is a perfect destination for anyone looking for adventure and to enjoy a unique culture, cuisine and escape from the routine.

Just take a look at this stunning video of the Spree Forest:

The campaign is based on the idea of 25 perspectives for 25 years. One by one, you get to experience 25 areas of natural beauty, rediscovered locations, or refreshed spots that have been made open to the public – all of which are connected to the reunification in one way or another. From Berlin, the location of the unforgettable Berlin Wall to the stunning anniversary projects remembering the Festival of Lights in Leipzig, to the Green Belt, a nature rich border close to the original Iron Curtain, Germany has such an exciting variety of experiences for a tourist looking to understand the significance of reunification.

From the unforgettable historic architecture of Berlin to the beautiful natural elements of Hainich National Park, you can enjoy everything Germany has to offer. The video below lets you briefly experience the stunning and ‘wild’ Hainich park where trees, mosses and rare animals can thrive.

Bloggers, photographers, tourists and even German residents are uploading their own incredible picture of Germany that symbolize the 25 year anniversary of reunification by using the hashtag #germany25reunified. The campaign has been a huge hit with gorgeous and unique pictures being shared throughout. After all, no other country in the world has managed to advance their cultural attractions and make their natural landscapes as accessible to tourism, especially after a historic event that was so impactful and significant on the society as a whole. Tourists heading on a trip to Germany are spoiled with options from beginning to end! There’s just so much to see and enjoy.

If you’re looking for a vacation in a country that is culturally and historically rich, offers the most delicious of cuisine and drinks (German beer and chocolate are particularly famous), and has something for everyone – whether you are looking for hikes, natural landscapes, or museums and architecture –  then Germany is the right place to be!

With the anniversary festivities rising all across the country, the best time to go is now. Enjoy the celebrations of the now 25-year unified and strong German society!


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