Celebrate Your Way Around The World

Celebrate Your Way Around The World

It’s amazing to think that there is always a party going on somewhere. Why not try and build some of these into your travel plans? They could be places you are passing through or even destinations in themselves. It would seem a shame to travel halfway around the world and have a quiet night in! So get your party clothes ready and prepare to tick a few of these off your list.

Carnival time in Rio de Janeiro

Universally acknowledged to be the best party on the planet. The Rio carnival is everything you’d expect. It is held every year before Lent and is the biggest carnival in the world. It all started in 1823 and today regularly attracts two million people every day. Prepare to party street style. Filled with revellers, floats and colour, this is the street festival to beat them all.



Chinese New Year

Imagine dragons, fireworks and lanterns. Just about anywhere where there is a Chinatown on in one of China’s growing metropolis. If you are around at the end of the Chinese year this is one colourful celebration.

Abuja Street Carnival

The up and coming and highly eclectic capital city of Nigeria hosts its colorful carnival in October. For diversity and colour this African party is well worth checking out. Check out Abuja news to keep updated about the city.

White Nights Festival St Petersburg

This is a real gem for Arts lovers. During the season of the midnight sun, you’ll see classical ballet, opera and a range of music events. The Scarlet Sails celebration is an amazing gathering attending by literally millions of students. It’s a stunning winter spectacle.

Bristol Balloon Festival, UK

Every August thousands gather to watch hundreds of hot air balloons create one amazing and colourful gathering. High over the skies of Bristol and Somerset. Bristol comes alive with a host of art events, and happenings at this time of year. It’s a great chance to explore the city that is only an hour away from London.


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World of Wearable Art Wellington, NZ

Wellington already had its name as the coolest little capital city in the world before the WoW exhibition came to town. Now the week of events has become a must-do for lovers of fashion and design everywhere. It has become an annual non-stop spectacular not to be missed and will make your visit here really memorable.

The Running of the Bulls. Pamplona, Spain.

This annual spectacle takes place every year in the early summer. It was made famous by the writer Ernest Hemingway in the 1920’s. Young and old men alike test their bravery as the bulls for that day are run down to the street towards the bull ring. Most injuries come from falling over, but it can be a gory spectacle all the same.

La Tomatina

Another Spanish delight and for lovers of tomatoes everywhere. Held in the town of Bunol near Valencia. This messy and sticky affair is a celebration of the tomato. Expect tomato fights as well as tomato slides.

Oktoberfest Munich

If you like beer, you’ll be right at home here for the world’s largest beer drinking celebration. 16 days and 6 million people and lots and lots of beer. What’s not to like?

New Year’s Eve Sydney

Sure Scotland is the home of Hogmanay and New Year but Sydney’s celebration is up there with best. Renowned as the best place to see in the New Year in the world, it’s firework displays are second to none. Prepare to party well past midnight. Nobody does it better.


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