Comparing Travel To France By Boat With Travel To France By Ferry

Comparing Travel To France By Boat With Travel To France By Ferry

If you are thinking of planning a family holiday to France, before you book those flights and arrange a hired car -stop!  Take a look at the infographic on this page from Brittany Ferries.  Since there have been many improvements to air travel over the years, it has always seemed that it was a quicker and easier way to get from a to b, than the alternatives such as boat and ferry travel.

After all, who really wants to spend more time on a boat than is necessary, unless you are heading out on a luxury cruise for the next couple of weeks.  Travel by plane always felt more appealing and less hassle.  However, this recently released infographic from Brittany Ferries makes a rather convincing argument that it is easier, cheaper and quicker for a family to head to a destination in France from the UK by boat than it is by plane.

No matter which way you look at it – in terms of comfort level, journey time, ease, cost – boat travel seems much better.  The first and biggest advantage, as shown in the image, of boat travel over air travel is that when you travel by ferry you can simply drive your own car on and park on the boat, something that you are unable to do on a commercial plane.

This means that there is no need to organise a hired car, either before arriving or from the airport.  This obviously costs a lot of money, money you can save by taking your own car on holiday and travelling across the channel by ferry.  Aside from the obvious cost advantages though, it also means you are able to take as much luggage as you can fit into your car, whereas on a plane you are restricted.

It only takes around 45 minutes to check in and get on the boat and when it leaves port it only takes around an hour to get to France.  When you travel by plane though after you have waiting to be checked in and waited to board, it still takes 2 hours to fly to France and then there is all the time it takes to leave the plane, collect luggage.  When you travel by boat, when it is your turn you simply have to drive off and you can begin the next part of your journey.

All of the above advantages do not really scratch the surface on the benefits of boat travel over air travel, as explained in the infograph.  The interesting thing is that no matter how far air travel has come along in terms of comfort and value, on a plane you are still restricted in terms of seating area and even if you want to get up for a stroll you still have only a limited area to do this in and obviously Wi-Fi is not allowed.  On a boat, you can wander around the deck and there are many amenities and fun activities to do; but even if you decide to chill in your cabin – you can always make use of the free Wi-Fi.

Overall, it comes down to personal preference really as to whether you travel by air or by boat; but, based on the information in the infograph – travelling by boat would cost less, would be less fuss and would be quicker.
Ferry to France vs Plane

Image source: Brittany Ferries – Ferry VS Plane to France

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