Create a Home Inventory of Your Personal Belongings

Create a Home Inventory of Your Personal Belongings

For your own personal records, you should create a home inventory of your personal belongings to share with your insurance provider and to keep in a safe place should loss or damage occur.  You can include everything from your television to your tennis shoes in the inventory that you make.  So, grab your digital camera and let’s learn the power your home inventory can have on any insurance claim that you make.

Simplify, Organise, Protect

Work in twenty minute blocks of time until you get your pattern of work established.  Take notes in a notebook as you shoot pictures of your belongings about the cost of the item, when and where you bought it, and any unique features that it has.  Work one room at a time, keep your pictures simple, organise your belongings if you need to as you go along, and then keep copies of the photos in a safe and secure location.

What to Photograph

You should not miss anything in the room where you are taking pictures.  Shoot the walls, the floors, and serial numbers on items, get groups of your books or stemware, and remember to identify the brands and manufacturers when possible. This could add to the value of your replacement costs.  For important documents you’ll want to place the paper on a flat surface and use as much natural light as possible.  Items that cost less should be photographed in groups to save time and effort.  Remember to capture your ceilings and all of the lighting fixtures.

Expert Tips for Your Inventory Process

As you work through your personal belongings, you should tag and bag anything that you can donate to charity.  By following some of these expert tips your home inventory will be more impressive and inclusive of the value of your things.

  • Photograph serial or model numbers of your electronic equipment
  • Keep plenty of detailed notes in your notebook as you take pictures of the contents of your home
  • Use sticky notes for areas that you don’t have time to do presently so you’ll know which areas are left undocumented
  • Use small amounts of time to break this daunting task into smaller units of work
  • Be sure to photograph even the least expensive items; replacing these out of your pocket can add up to  large amounts of money that you may not have after a disaster

Share this information with your home insurance provider at your initial meeting to show him your interest in seriously covering the assets that you have a getting a plan of protection in place for them.  Be sure to ask him for his input and helpful tips that he may have to add to your portfolio of photos in your home inventory.

Working with a team of professionals like those at Santam can provide you with a plethora of information to assure you that your cover will protect your home and its contents.  Choose your insurance provider wisely because they hold the future of your home in their capable and trusted hands.

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