Discover the Beauty and Nostalgia of Cuba



Located in the Caribbean, Cuba is known for its rich history and colourful culture. Home to nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, you are never far away from some stunning natural landscapes or sun soaked beaches.

With a mix of nostalgic charm and modern tourist spots, the island has plenty to offer a traveller. This article will look at some of the essential places to visit in Cuba.

Old Havana

The quaint little streets of Old Havana contain the core of the original city, giving it a real sense of the past. It’s not unusual to see a number of lovingly maintained vintage 1950’s cars on the cobbled roads of the city – these have been a part of Cuban culture since Fidel Castro’s sanctions on car imports 50 years ago.

Wander the city on foot to see the beautiful baroque and neoclassical architecture and historic sites such as La Bodeguita Del Medio, a restaurant in Palo Alto that was one of Hemingway’s regular haunts.


This UNESCO site is home to an impressive number of iconic and colourful Spanish-colonial buildings and its history has been well-preserved since the 1800’s. With a number of rooftop restaurants, and beautiful beaches such as Playa Ancón nearby, you are never far from a stunning view in Trinidad.

North of the town is the Escambray mountains, perfect for an adventurous traveller to explore. To the South, you can enjoy the white sands of the Caribbean and soak up the summer sun or enjoy the town’s vibrant nightlife, with salsa and disco parties lasting long into the early hours of the morning.

Valle de Viñales

Another of Cuba’s UNESCO Heritage sites, Valle de Viñales is a must-see for any traveller. It is a sprawling valley with a lush landscape, nestled between breath-takingly dramatic mountains. This area is the epitome of rural Cuba, with its world-famous tobacco plantations giving you a real taste of the country’s history.

Make the journey to the small village of Los Aquáticos, which is accessible only by horse or on foot, and admire the scenic views en-route. Visit Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás, Cuba’s largest cave system, to have a guided tour of the underground pools, rock formations and native murals.

Cuba’s rich and diverse history is perfect for any traveller who wants to experience a sense of nostalgia and discover natural beauty. Book a holiday to Cuba and explore its beautiful landscapes and cultural charm – it’s an adventure you will never forget.

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