Eating out on a Budget – Options to Explore in Central London  

Pubs and eateries of London often have a slice of history attached to them! Did you know that Karl Marx penned the entire “Communist Manifesto” in a room perched atop the Great Lion Pub situated on Windmill Street? Your quest for cheap eateries could actually lead to an interesting place! And make sure you have secured accommodation at one of the budget hotels in Central London for keeping costs in check. Choosing a property near Southwark Council or one near elephant and castle tube station would ensure superior connectivity too.

Saving More on Your London Trip

Budget hotels in London like Hampton Court Palace Hotel provide a sumptuous breakfast for a heady start to the day. If you choose to stay at such a hotel, you can save money on the first and most important meal of the day. However, you need to choose where to buy the other meals of the day. And, this indeed is your chance to explore some of the most colourful places that offer great value for money deals. Options include:

  • The Baozi Inn: If you wouldn’t mind stacking up on hot, fiery Sichuan delicacies, this is just the place to head to. It is a typical Chinatown Café in communist attire. Try beef noodles spiced up in Sichuan sauce, so that you do not feel hungry till the next major meal. If you love Chinese, this is the place to head to for a meal that‘s heavy on your tummy but light on your pockets.
  • The Berwick Weekday Market: The Berwick Market is an excellent option for you if you are seeking true variety in your weekday lunch. Although the available options keep changing day on day and week on week, some standard options are always on offer. So, you can dig into sandwiches, pastries, cupcakes, falafel, pizzas, burritos, tandoor wraps and curries and so on. Just head to this place and order your favourite, without having to worry about sky high prices.
  • Beatroot: If you are a vegetarian, there are options available for you as well! Right next to the Berwick Market, there is this long time favourite eatery which packs in a punch with veggies. You can choose from cartons of mixed, tasty and hot veggies served as salads. Make sure to try their mushroom pie, blanched broccoli, mini sausage rolls and a very special lentil broth with a strong coconut like flavour.
  • Big Apple Hot Dogs: Big Apple hot dogs are by far the best dogs you can lay your hands on. And you can buy them from their mobile cart lodged on Old Street! Filling and delicious, these competitively priced treats would be just right for you if you are craving street food.

And if you stay at one of the budget hotels in London near Borough Market, you could even visit this very colourful food market for a great meal. The oldest food market of London has several interesting gastronomic experiences to offer! When you select from among cheap hotels in Central London,your place of stay should ideally be close to other important destinations, such as, the Ministry of Sound, London Eye in Central London and St. Thomas Hospital.  Spending too much time in travel and transits is never wise!

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