Effect of Electromagnetic Waves on the Human Brain



Smartphones are part of our daily lives, and now they have advanced features that perform most functions. Which include real money online gambling. Visit casinoaus.com’s online pokies for more information. Most of our time is now spent using a mobile device since the invention of mobile internet. Research conducted by scientists found that smartphones produce an electromagnetic wave.

This wave has a negative effect on human brains and cause cancer development. The impact of electromagnetic wave and radiation emitted by cell phones is a highly debated issue. Scientists are still in process of proving whether smartphones are harmful to human health. Moreover, the radiation emitted by smartphones is being studied. Most scientific studies have failed to prove the link between cell phones and brain tumor or cancer. Smartphones emit an insignificant amount of radiation to affect human health of frequent users.

Effects hand-held devices on your back and neck.

A smartphone is the most handheld device in the world due to its various functions. People spend many hours on their smartphones texting, researching, playing real money casinos online among other things. Physicians reported that there is a connection between cell phones and physical health of frequent users. A headache, finger discomfort, hand tremor, back and neck pain are among the discovered effects of cell phones.

Frequent usage of hand-held devices can cause tension to muscles resulting in pain. Spending too much time on your smartphone while you bending your neck and back is not recommendable. Try to always use your mobile device with your neck and back held in a straight position. In addition, you need to stretch a bit after using on your mobile device for a long time. Tensions in your muscles are loosened up and prevented from building up by stretching.  This also applies to desktop and laptop users, avoid sitting down in the same position for a long time. Always use your device in a comfortable position.

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