Essential Caravan Accessories

Caravan holidays are a great way to have a fun trip away from home without leaving the country.  There are hundreds of gorgeous and interesting sites and places to visit up and down the UK, and it also costs a fraction of the cost it would to go abroad.  Perhaps you have considered it but are put off by the holidays you had in a tiny caravan that wasn’t kitted out particularly well when you were a child.  If that is the case, worry no more as there is plenty of caravan accessories now available that can help ensure that your caravan experience is not only an adventurous one, but a comfortable and safe one too.  Below we have gathered together a few of the accessories we think are essential.

Refillable Gas Bottle

One accessory that is essential for all caravans is refillable gas bottles.  As you never know what might happen while you are out on the road or in the middle of nowhere at a caravan park, you are best investing in a couple of spare bottles so that you are never low on gas.

Wheel Clamp

It is recommended that you take various security precautions before heading out on the road on a caravan trip and one essential piece of kit you should have is a wheel clamp.  The right wheel clamp for your caravan will depend on the depth and diameter of the wheels.  As you’d imagine, a wheel clamp locks in place and prevents a caravan from being driven off.

Drain Down Kit

Bacteria can grow in water left in your caravan’s water supply and in winter it can freeze over.  To prevent this from happening, you need to clear out the water regularly In.  This is why it is wise to purchase a drain down kit.   This is why you need to invest in a drain down kit.  If you don’t do this , then you run the risk of having to pay very expensive repair bills.

Mains-Connected Camping/Awning Light

Another essential accessory for caravanning, especially if you plan on spending time in the summer evenings outside of the caravan within the awning, is an LED awning or camping light.  The reason we suggest LED bulb lights is because LEDs are more energy efficient and last far longer than ordinary bulbs.  It is also wise to find a set of lights that can be installed with minimum work to the awning poles.

Water Pump

Having a water pump for your caravan means having a direct link to your water supply.  Even if you have one already, there is no harm in spending some money on a spare, just for when problems occur and the current one stops functioning properly.  Don’t worry if you are not the most technical person in the world, as they are usually very easy to install and the job can be done in a few minutes.

Caravan Jack

Breakdowns are something that happens, even if you do all you can to avoid them.  The best thing you can do is make sure you are more than prepared for the worst to happen and just like you need a car jack to change a flat tyre, for a caravan you need a slightly stronger one, a caravan jack.  They work in very much the same way as one another.

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