Exciting Places For An Adventure Holiday In Greece

Greece is fascinating, the birthplace of ancient civilization and architectural gems litter the whole of Greece ranging from Minoan palaces to brilliant blue domed Greek Orthodox Churches and sacred sites dedicated to Greek gods. Its diverse landscapes of volcanic mountains, impressive gorges, and endless kilometers of dramatic coastlines offer an enchanting playground of exciting adventure. Below are some of favourite places of Cyplon Holidays – experts in Greece travel…


Corfu is the second largest of the Ionian Islands and the greener than most Greek Islands with dense wooded olive groves, citrus plantations and Cyprus trees. It is also a very mountainous island, inland paths zigzag up to remote villages perched in steep ravines, whilst the land descends steeply to the shore creating precipitous cliffs. One of the best ways to explore the island is by sailing in a boat along the coast. The northeast rocky coast is incredible for adventure seekers as it remains unspoilt and ideal for trekking past bays of pebble beaches and laid back villages such as Agni, famous for its great cuisine,


Crete is the largest Greek islands that actually functions like a minute kingdom and boasts of impressive remnants of brilliant civilizations, stunning beaches, verdant valleys, steep gorges and breathtaking mountain sceneries. Its varied topography and temperate climate makes it ideal for adventure holidays. Chania region is dominated by incredible White Mountains and its famous park, which offer various opportunities for adventures such as bungee jumping at Aradhena gorge, kayaking, mountaineering and canyoning. Samaria gorge offers the best hiking in the whole of Greece. Other incredible places for adventures in Crete include Rethymno, Heraklion and Lasithi.


Epirus lies between Pindos Mountain range and the Ionian Sea in the Northwest of Greece on the mainland. It is a place of unspoilt natural beauty. Its mountainous landscape with dense virgin forests, the mystical dragon lakes and the untamed slopes provide a plethora of activities such as mountaineering, climbing, skiing and biking in scenic locations. The River Epirus is ideal for kayaking, rafting and canoeing. The natural landscapes co-exist in harmony with the archeological sites, castles, monasteries, churches and ancient traditional villages, which are ripe for exploration.

Explore Zagorochoria, which consists of 46 villages perched on the slopes of the mountains. Close to the villages, you can find the Vikos canyon, the second largest in the world and a natural habitat for incredible flora and fauna.


Thessaly is a region of sheer beauty with soaring mountains, spectacular beaches and the unique Meteora, which is the most striking sacred sight in Greece. This region is popular for adventure travelers due to immense landscape diversities, which includes the popular Plastira Lake, Tempi valley and Mount Pelion, which provide excellent hiking, cycling and walking terrain.

The Meteora monasteries in this region represent a unique architectural achievement in a difficult era with impossible conditions, in a time of instability and revival. Though they were originally twenty-four monasteries, those that stand today are only six. Climb on to the rock pinnacles and discover a way of life that existed long ago and that is threatened with extinction.



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