Exploring the French Alps in the summer months

Exploring the French Alps in the summer months

There are many different reasons to explore the French Alps this summer. In fact, you would have to visit there for many summers to take in all the fun and excitement of a French Alp getaway. Here are a few ideas to get you started planning your getaway:


The French Alps are a fantastic destination for those interested in some of the best trekking that Europe has to offer. During the summer months, you will enjoy mild temperatures while gazing at picturesque snow-capped peaks complemented by lush greenery. Hiking routes can be chosen based on length and/or difficulty. This makes hiking a great family activity. Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain in Western Europe – at 4807 meters, it is a popular hiking destination. Located on the Italian, Swiss, and French borders, it provides a stunning view of three countries. It offers a strenuous but enjoyable holiday for the serious mountain trekker.

Local cuisine you will be sure to remember

In the French Alps, great cuisine is taken seriously. Exploring the cafes and restaurants is a gastronomic adventure for even the most avid foodie. A glass of good wine at a sidewalk cafe is a great way to relax and enjoy the local flair before returning to your charming French Alps hotel.


Why walk when you can fly? Paragliding has become a very popular activity for visitors to the alps. Para gliders often comment on what an enjoyable experience they had. They also say that instructors made it easy to do and even if you are nervous, that soon passes. Wouldn’t it make a great souvenir to have your flight recorded so you can relive the experience whenever you want?

Boating on Lac Leman

Lac Leman offers a variety of water sports, such as sailing, parasailing, and more. With majestic snow-capped peaks reaching down to the lakeshore, Lac Leman offers a view that you will never forget. Many visitors use the background vista for a relaxing day sketching or painting. A holiday on a lake can be a low-impact yet refreshing holiday for travellers of any age.

Rafting and tubing

The Alps offer a variety of rafting trips for everyone. For the more adventurous, try a canyoning and rafting trip where you can rappel down a canyon wall above a river! If you want a milder adventure that is great for younger family members, try tubing.

Great value with unparalleled luxury

Accommodations in the French Alps are known for their stunning views, hospitality, food, and local flair. All this luxury costs far less than you might think. Many hotels are small and intimate so you don’t have to compete for service with many other visitors. The French Alps are a choice destination for a charming break gift pack. By booking 21 days in advance, you can save an amazing 10% on your stay at any of the nine delightful hotels offered by Relais du Silence. With a getaway deal like that, why not stay an extra day?

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