Extreme Sleep: The World’s Strangest Hotel Stays

Extreme Sleep: The World’s Strangest Hotel Stays

When on your travels, the sights and sounds during the day aren’t the only experiences to be had. Choosing a quirky place to stay for the night can enhance your expedition tenfold. Why sleep in a hostel or modest digs when naptime can serve as an equally unique and memorable experience? These are some of the most bizarre and wonderfully weird holiday accommodations from around the world.

Das Park Hotel, Austria

This bizarre hotel park in Linz Austria consists of a series of renovated concrete sewage pipes. Mercifully, the pipes are clean but this doesn’t distract us from the notion of sleeping in a dark concrete pipe. The pipes nest securely on the banks of the Danube river, so at the very least, the view from said pipe is fairly picturesque.

Snow hotel, Norway

From concrete to ice, The Kirkenes Snow hotel in Norway is a beautiful work of art as well as somewhere intriguing to kip for the night. Each unique room or ‘snowsuite’ is decorated with intricate ice and snow sculptures and the beds are set in solid ice blocks. Thankfully, comfortable mattresses with thermal insulation are provided to ensure a relaxing and wholly unique night’s sleep.

Upside-down Lodge, Berlin

As its name suggests, to spend the night in the Upside-down Lodge in Berlin is to experience what it might be like to live within an M. C. Escher drawing. Each room was designed and created by German artist Lars Stroschen with the intention of altering guests perceptions. As you might imagine, chairs and tables appear suspended on the ceiling, or the floor depending on your interpretation.

Magic Mountain hotel, Chile

Not for the faint-hearted, this hotel is situated beneath a cascading waterfall and is accessible only by an aerial ropeway between the high tree tops. Legend suggests that the mountain can grant you wishes – presumably to allow people with vertigo and height fears to cross the rope bridges with confidence.

Leaving your comfort zone and taking a risk to explore extreme activities are what make a holiday special. An overnight experience like no other in an unconventional hotel can be a unique joy but it isn’t for everyone. Wherever your travels take you, just make sure it includes trying out something new – whether this is a sport, a history lesson or a close encounter with nature. Take a leap in the moment to cherish the memories forever.

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