Facts about Heathrow Airport

Facts about Heathrow Airport

On an average, around 191,200 passengers pass through the Heathrow Airport every day, according to the official website of the airport. Undoubtedly, Heathrow is one the busiest airports in the United Kingdom. Located only 22 km away from Central London, the airport is well connected with all major destinations of the city through bus, taxi, tube, and other transport options.

When in London, you can save your time and money by staying at a reputable hotel near Heathrow Airport like Master Robert Hotel. Many London attractions, such as, Twickenham Rugby Stadium and Windsor Castle, are located close to the airport. Moreover, the aerodrome itself is an interesting place to visit.

Top Things to Know about Heathrow Airport

Almost all major airlines operate flights to and from this airport, connecting London to more than 170 destinations worldwide. Here are some interesting facts to know about Heathrow Airport.

  • It was initially known as London Airport. In 1966, it was named as ‘Heathrow.’
  • It was initially built on a small area in the hamlet called Heathrow and was opened in 1929. Later, it was named after the hamlet.
  • In 1944, it was upgraded to a big airfield. The government planned to develop it to a big military aerodrome. However, after the end of World War II, it was handed over to the Air Ministry.
  • The first flight from the airport was from Heathrow to Buenos Aires via Lisbon.
  • Earlier, it had only two terminals called ‘Europa’ and ‘Oceanic.’ Later, they were renamed as Terminals 2 and 3, respectively. Currently, Heathrow has five terminals. Each of them is well connected to the city of London conveniently.
  • It is well connected with almost all major cities of the world. However, New York, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt are the five most popular destinations from this airport.  You will find many budget & cheap hotels in Heathrow Airport. So, if you need to stay there for a night for catching a stopover flight, you can easily find a clean and comfortable accommodation option.
  • Heathrow is maintained and operated by a workforce of 72,000 people. Out of them, around 4,500 are employed by BAA.
  • Around 72.3 million passengers passed through Heathrow in 2013. Around 1.42 million metric tonnes of cargo was shipped through it in the same year.
  • It is the third busiest airport of the world. It ranks after Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta and Beijing International.
  • The airport has two runways, which together could stretch through a total distance of 4.7 miles.

Those who visit London for business purpose often choose to stay at hotels near Heathrow Airport. This helps them to fly to and from London comfortably. Moreover, they can stay close to Great West Road businesses.

Leisure travellers can easily travel around some popular London attractions like Middlesex, Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, Hampton Court, by staying at a hotel near Heathrow Terminal 5. When choosing an accommodation option, important factors like budget, facilities, room size, and distance from the airport should be considered.



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