Family Tips for Traveling to Pattaya with Toddlers

Family Tips for Traveling to Pattaya with Toddlers

If you’re planning a visit to scenic Pattaya, Thailand with your toddler in tow, it’s a smart idea to prepare for the trip beforehand. Locating the best kid-friendly hotels in Pattaya is a top priority and Holiday Inn Pattaya can help with providing a comfortable accommodation for you and your family. Traveling with toddlers can be quite challenging, even troublesome, but it shouldn’t stop you from visiting the town. Pattaya has a diverse array of fantastic attractions to see, do and visit, and many of these places cater to entertain families. Not only does Pattaya have stunning beaches and water activities, the city is best known for its Go Kart obsession and plethora of seafood delights lined along the shoreline. Traveling to Pattaya with the family should be nothing short of spectacular and ultimately, memorable.

Going to Thailand, there is one thing you must keep in mind: Thailand’s heat. Thailand’s humidity and heat can be excruciating at times, especially for young children and toddlers. However, there are ways to protect against the sun. While on vacation, purchase useful sunscreen bottles with high SPF protection. Look for bottles with SPF 60+. There are brands out there that provide you with over 100 SPF protection. Look for these brands at outlet malls or pharmaceutical stores in Pattaya. Additionally, purchase sunscreen with a cooling agent and is water resistant; it helps with the heat. It is good practice to re-apply sunscreen every two hours. Next, sunglasses and hats. Young children and toddlers are extremely susceptible to heatstroke. Make sure your children wear sunglasses and hats and make sure they drink lots of water.

Holiday Inn Pattaya is committed to providing comfortable accommodations for parents and toddlers. The Oceanview Family Suite is a room perfectly designed for families. Parents can comfortably reside in the room and watch spectacular views of the. For kids and toddlers, there’s a whale-themed room connected to the parent’s room for easy access. Before you book your room, call ahead and ask if the room is equipped with baby cots. Other than offering an excellent room to stay, the hotel also has a Kids Club. The Holiday Inn Pattaya Kids Club offers exciting and diverse activities such as doll painting, T-shirt painting and paper car making for young children.

Pattaya is home to a number of attractions and destinations appropriate for toddlers and children. If you visit the Central Festival Pattaya Beach shopping center, be sure to stop by Mario Land. The vibrant arcade has plenty of game options for toddlers and older children alike. Pattaya is chock-full of playgrounds, bowling alleys and parks kids will love to spend the day at.

Children are often fussy and finicky eaters, especially when they’re toddlers. If your child isn’t used to Thai food, don’t worry. Pattaya has plenty of options in Western cuisines. If your child has a craving for a hamburger or ice cream and brownies, you’ll have no trouble locating a dining establishment that offers these types of menus. If you’d like to encourage your toddler to eat Thai food, however, begin with Pad See Ew or Pad Thai. Since these Thai dishes aren’t spicy, they can be good beginning meals for your child.

As a final note, Pattaya is a city that should be visited. Featuring multiple attractions, including the new and amazing Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark, toddlers, and young children will undoubtedly enjoy their time there. However, always keep in mind to bring along several bottles of liquids to keep your kids, especially toddlers, hydrated. With all the fun and excitement in the sun, Thailand’s sun is unforgiving. It’s best to keep your children protected from Pattaya’s intense humidity and heat.

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