Gap Year: How To Plan The Ultimate Trip

Gap Year: How To Plan The Ultimate Trip

The gap year is an important part of any young person’s life, so you should take it seriously. After all, you lose the opportunity when you get older because you take on more responsibility. And that makes getting it right the first time essential. The last thing you want to do is regret the time you spent travelling the world when you look back on your life. With that in mind, here’s how your good friend at Adventure Monkey would recommend planning the ultimate gap year.

Plan It In Advance

There is a school of thought that says you shouldn’t plan anything when you travel, but that you should just go with the flow. Nonsense! Yes, you should open up your mind and do different things, but you should also have a plan in your mind’s eye. Without a plan, you may only stumble across a select few of the amazing sights and attractions. However, with a plan you can cover everything that you want to see while you are away. It doesn’t need to be a strict plan, but you should, at least, have a loose outline.

Go With A Friend

There is a lot to say about travelling alone, especially when you meet new friends. In fact, there is nothing like putting yourself out there and socialising with people you never knew twenty seconds ago. Still, travelling with a friend is even better because there is always someone there to share the experiences. Plus, you will meet new people regardless. And, there is always the added benefit of being a lot safer with a friend by your side.

Go Somewhere Amazing

Everywhere may seem amazing, but you should try and go out of your comfort zone for the best experiences. For example, Australia is an awesome country to visit, but it is made for travelling and that makes life easier. Often, the best times are when you are in a place that you would never imagine visiting in your life. To find these places, visit The Leap and take a look at their selection of posts and articles. In fact, the link will take you to a particular post that will blow your mind.


Gap years are often about the individual. That is not to say that you are selfish, but that you just want to have a good time. Let’s face it – who doesn’t? But, life is a lot better when you are helping others and not just thinking about number one. Volunteering, for example, is a great way to help those that are less fortunate than yourself and see the world. There is nothing like travelling while experiencing the emotion of watching someone succeed.

Do Something Incredible

Your gap year is a year to do something out of the ordinary and open your mind. So, anything that you wouldn’t do at home is something you should consider doing while you are abroad. A gap year is a fantastic excuse for a bungee jump or a skydive because you are on holiday.


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The year is all about having a great time, so don’t get in your own way.


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