Gap Year? Stay a Step Ahead with Safety Boots

Taking a year out is often a recommended choice for university-age students; there is a wide world out there waiting to be explored, and there is plenty to be said for going abroad and learning more about yourself. Those who take a gap year tend to come back enriched and with a better understanding of life, and it is an experience that really cannot be matched. Given that you may go to university and then follow the often-trod path of getting a job and starting a family, it may also be the only chance you get to take time out for yourself to explore the world.

So, what do we recommend you take with you when you head off into the unknown to get to know the world? Well, first and foremost, the best safety boots your budget allows you to buy! Why are safety boots so important? The simple fact is that, however you travel and wherever you choose to go, you will be doing a lot of walking. It is, after all, the cheapest way to get around, and you will find that it allows you to check out places such as the off-the-beaten-track areas of towns and cities, plus popular walking tracks in the countryside, more readily and intimately. Boots are essential as you need your feet to be comfortable and protected, so we really do place a high value on the best boots.

Plan Ahead

It’s always sensible to plan ahead when taking a gap year, as you need to know where you can go on the budget you have available. Train tickets are surprisingly cheap in some countries – especially if booked in advance – and cheap air travel means you can now reach previously unavailable places with ease. Planning ahead also means you can leave an itinerary with someone at home, which is a great idea if you want to ensure you remain as safe and secure as possible when on your travels.

Also, be vigilant when you travel, and keep a close eye on what is happening around you. Wherever you go you will come across people who are less than trustworthy, so we recommend keeping money in a money belt, and keeping expensive watches and jewellery out of the view of others whenever possible.

Be Well-Equipped

The best advice we can give is to make a list of all the things you think you will need when travelling, then ask around others who have experience – they are bound to tell you of things you have not thought about! If you are concerned about which boots for hiking you need, we recommend you check out for more information, and for a wide choice of quality boots at sensible and affordable prices.

Taking a gap year is a great idea, and when you return, you will certainly feel that you know yourself and the world a lot better, and will be better prepared for what comes next in life.

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