Get Ready For A Winter Of Sport In 2015

Get Ready For A Winter Of Sport In 2015


No one wants to wish away the summer because it is over in a flash. Thankfully, we still have a couple weeks of sun left. Still, that is only a couple of weeks, and before we know it, the sun will have its hat on and won’t come out to play. Here at The Adventure Monkey we don’t like to sit around and wait another ten to twelve months for summer. No, we like to be proactive, which is why we embrace the cold winter months before they even arrive. Here are a few of our tips for getting ready for a winter of sport.

Choose a Sport

There is a plethora of winter sports you can attempt, and they are all as good as the next one. You can go ice-skating, snowboarding or bobsleighing to name but three. The main winter sport is skiing because it is quite basic. For example, all you need are a pair of skis and a ski slope. What you need to do is decide which sport you prefer. It is easy to do, just ask yourself what you want from the experience. Most people love to bobsleigh because it is an adrenaline filled ride, and it is unique. However, people love to ski because it also gets the blood pumping, and you get to travel to beautiful surroundings like the Alps of Aspen.


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When you have chosen the sport for you, you will need the equipment. Without the right equipment, you won’t be able to take part in any sport during the winter. Winter sport is exclusive because you need specialist gear to get out there and enjoy the snow or the ice. For example, a pair of Connelly skis are perfect for the slopes. Okay, you don’t need the best equipment on the market, especially if you don’t have the cash. However, at the minute it is out of season so the top of the range equipment will be a lot cheaper. Plus, if you are a novice the highest standard apparatus might help you learn quicker and help you make the steps to the next level.


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Wrap Up

Regardless of what winter sport you choose, you are going to need some warm clothing. The name winter tells you that it is not going to be warm, so don’t turn up in your shorts and t-shirt! What you need is the lightweight material that absorbs heat and doesn’t let it escape, like Gore-Tex. Climbers who have attempted to tackle Mount Everest wear Gore-Tex clothing, which is how effective it is at keeping you warm. During the peak seasons, it can be expensive, but this is not the peak season. It is still summer and the perfect time to stock up for when the Big Freeze hits.

Once you have the equipment and the clothes to make your chosen sport enjoyable, there is only one thing left to do: get out there and take part. The majority of people have good intentions but never have the drive to follow through.


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