Gramping In The UK Travel Market Is Growing

A few years ago the idea of glamping, of a glamorous form of camping was promoted and marketed, largely by the festival circuit to young people and couples who wanted a holiday without the mess, or expense of travelling overseas. However in real terms, caravanning holidays have always been the premise of families and research into the trends for where we take our holidays, and perhaps more importantly who we take them with, is highlighting a bigger change in the Gramping arena. A  recent survey undertaken by suggests that people would be more inclined to take Grandparents away on their holiday with them if there was sufficient space in the motor home.

What Is Gramping?

Broadly speaking, Gramping is a caravanning holiday which involves one, or both sets of grandparents. If your knee-jerk reaction to the prospect of a week or two, getting up close and personal with the in-laws is one which fills you with horror, then it’s time you reconsidered caravanning and how the intergenerational family holiday can work to benefit everyone.

Once upon a time, probably when the grandparents in your family were young, caravans were incredibly limited for space and this often meant that when one person wanted to go to bed, everyone else had to. But static caravans are no longer the cramped spaces they once were. Now they’re spacious, airy and on top of that they’re warm, double glazed and fitted with all the modern conveniences you could need including flushing toilets, sinks, showers with hot running water and TV. This means that not only can you holiday with your nearest and dearest without being suffocatingly close to them; you can do it in absolute comfort.

Other Benefits Outside the Caravan

With living arrangements being more than adequately catered for, you have to ask what else a caravan park has to offer, especially when you’ve got three generations to entertain. Well, for the little ones there are various sports, arts and activity clubs, which gives them a chance to make some friends and gain a little freedom from the grown-ups. This doesn’t mean you can leave them unsupervised, but it does mean that while the grandparents sip tea and keep an eye on the kids, you are free to try your hand at chocolate making, wine tasting, making a visit to the spa or simply having an uninterrupted lunch.  When you go back, the grandparents can take their time to go and play golf, stroll on the beach, go sightseeing or shopping in the nearest town and be back in time to help make dinner.  This means everyone gets a balance of holiday time, couples time, fun time and family time.

Money Saver

One of the biggest factors when considering a holiday is of course, the cost. Gramping means that the cost of a caravan is shared, and this is for some families, the only thing that currently makes a holiday affordable at all. However, on top of this, some families have found the intergenerational holiday to be so enjoyable that they’ve extended their plans, not to just another holiday, but to snapping up static caravans or holiday homes for sale at caravan parks across the UK so that they can all get away, together or individually several times a year.

If you hadn’t thought about Gramping or taking a closer look at holiday homes to see what options are affordable for your family, then maybe you should? You could be starting the holiday season for less, with built in baby-sitters and the chance to give all the generations of your family holiday memories to last a lifetime.

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