Hotels in Northumberland that Guarantee a Genuine British Experience

Hotels in Northumberland that Guarantee a Genuine British Experience

Northumberland is predominantly a national park with over 400 miles of natural beauty. Tucked into the far north-east patch of England on the border with neighbouring Scotland, the region offers a wealth of interests and activities.

Per square mile, there are more castles and places of historical interest in Northumberland than anywhere else in Britain. Outdoor activities are in abundance too. World-class gold courses, stunning trekking routes and some of the best salmon fishing in the country are what most draw the British to Northumberland.

Yet this enigmatic part of Britain is often overlooked by foreign visitors who generally target London and Edinburgh – yet neither city show British culture in its true light. So if you are doing the typical twin capital visit to the UK, why not spend a few days in Northumberland.

But if you do, make your British experience worthwhile and stay in a Northumberland hotel that has not lost its English charm rather than the usual hotel chains that dominate city accommodation! Here are some suggestions!

Country House Hotels

Northumberland is all countryside made up of little villages dotted between the Cheviot Hills. The beauty of county house hotels is that many of them, like Warkworth House Hotel, have a bar and restaurant that is frequented by locals so you can soak up the atmosphere and get a true taste of what life and the people are like in Britain. Ideal for travellers on a low to medium range budget and are easily accessible from the train station.


When you think of the English countryside, thatched-roof cottages spring to mind, and although these are a dying breed there are a wide range of cottage accommodation to choose from. There is also plenty of choice to suit all budgets so whether you want to be close to the coast or camped near farmlands you will not have any problem finding a country cottage to use as your base. Choose wisely as they may not be easy to get to without a car.

Bed & Breakfasts

The most budget-friendly option for travellers is to hole up in bed and breakfast. This type of accommodation is usually in the owner’s home and will have anything from three to eight rooms or more. Breakfast is served in the living room with the other guests and they are typically close-knit, friendly places to stay. There is an abundance of B&B’s in Northumberland so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one in easy reaching distance from the train station.

Stately Homes

If your budget can stretch to five-star luxury accommodation, why not experience the grandeur of an English Stately home like Middleton Hall. There are several on the north-east and facilities often include boutique spa treatments and a golf course – although each has their own signature appeal. The one thing they do all have in common however is the quixotic air of grace of insatiable power. Ideal for a romantic getaway or special occasion.

The charm of Northumberland – and Britain as a whole – is its quaint country villages, but what really makes your visit to the UK a magical experience is meeting the locals and getting to learn their quirks and cuisine!



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