How Mobile Technology Has Changed Travel

How Mobile Technology Has Changed Travel

This past few years’ mobile technology have increasingly changed how traditional travel works and will still continue to grow this 2015 and upcoming years. People consider many things before traveling to another place and mobile technology is one of the reasons that affect traveler’s decision making. Unlike laptops and desktop, mobiles are very handy that it can be bought anywhere you go; this is why traveler tends to use these mobile devices for everything that can be use when traveling.  On this post let’s take a look at some of the reasons why mobile technology has changed the way people travel.




According to a trusted source 17% have search a trip on a mobile device and 3% of it have book a trip. As more and more people uses mobile devices airline companies have developed their individual booking app which lets travelers book instantly anywhere on their mobile devices.

Mobile travel information searching


In search for some information? No need to bring a book with you. With the use of online encyclopedia or Wikipedia and search engines like Google getting informations have never been easier this way. Mobile search is very helpful for searching almost everything from getting information about a place, available rides, local restaurants, etc.  You will be always on the go!

Google Map



Today’s map has changed massively. Unlike traditional travel wherein you bring a paper map with you or a book guide today is different mobile interactive maps like “Google Maps” have been very useful it lets you view any streets, buildings, as well as functions such as route planner whether by foot, car, bicycle or public transportation.

Travel Applications


Travel application can make your trip effortless as it manages almost everything you need from organizing and planning, booking, renting taxi, booking at hotels, just by using your finger and you’re good to go.

Leisure applications



Traveling can be so boring and sometimes stressful especially for long trips. Waiting at the airport, bus terminal and other departure areas can be tedious. This is where mobile leisure apps come-in.  Games are your best buddy when at this moment in time. Car games like Climb hill racing can be very entertaining, for kids quiz and puzzle games work out best, while for parents especially Dad’s mobile gambling apps is awesome, Visit Pokies Heaven to know more about this.

Shops and Restaurant


This brings massive impact on today’s travel as 2/3 people search for shops, restaurant, café’s, books before coming into local place.  First time travelers that are not familiar with a certain place usually search for information and positive reviews first before going out.

Mobile Camera


2014 was the year of mobile camera – ‘selfies’ was very popular this year. Taking pictures doesn’t need to be expensive, Instead of buying expensive DSLR cameras travelers are so wise that they prefer to use mobile cameras. It is also easier for them to upload it on social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter plus edit those pictures instantly.

Mobile Banking



Nobody wants to travel without money, but once you are traveling you will never get a chance to visit your local banks especially if you are traveling abroad.  That’s why mobile banking is very essential to every traveler. It lets you transact to your local banks no matter where you go.


As technology rapidly rises on the market, mobile technology will also continue to grow. As a traveler you should take advantage of this positive change in so called ‘adventure world’.

Share your thoughts below on how mobile technology have changed the way you travel? 

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