How Navel Oranges Differ from the Other Regular Variants

How Navel Oranges Differ from the Other Regular Variants

If you love savoring sweet and juicy oranges, it would be interesting to learn a bit more about them. You should know what the primary variants are and how they are different from each other. The knowledge would especially come in handy when you wish to purchase oranges online. Among the available variants, the Navel Orange is particularly intriguing. It is characterized by a navel like depression on top, which is where it gets its name from.

Navel Oranges: The Origin

Before you order organic oranges of the Navel variant from a trusted online supplier like, it would be interesting to learn a bit more about their origin. Navels were first formed as a result of transmutation in 1820 in the Brazilian lands. Eventually, it migrated to USA and was planted for the first time in Riverside California. These oranges are widely grown in California and are harvested through the beginning of winter till the onset of springtime. They have several distinguishing characteristics which set them apart from other variants.

Navel Oranges are Seedless

An all important distinguishing factor of Navel Oranges is that they are seedless. And this makes them hugely popular for consumption and juicing. Seedless oranges are also highly preferred by kids. When there are no seeds to eliminate, the pleasure of savoring an orange is heightened several times over. So, how do Navel Orange trees multiply? With no seeds to replant, clippings are taken from a full grown tree and replanted. A new tree develops from this clipping.

It is Sweeter and Juicier

When you pick organic oranges, the best ones are Navel oranges simply because they are sweeter and juicier than most other variants. Provided you have chosen them well, every fruit is bound to pack in a tasty punch. Make sure you choose oranges that are as heavy as or even heavier than they appear. The lighter ones could be stale or even sour. Besides, you also need to select Navels with a uniform and bright color tone throughout.

The Cara Cara is a Unique Variant

If you happen to be a fan of Navel Oranges, the Cara Cara variant is one you should not miss. These are also known as blood oranges. They are just as sweet and juicy as Navels. However, the flesh inside is bright pink in color. When you cut open the oranges, the pulp appears maroon instead of orange! However, when it comes to taste, these oranges are just as delicious as the normal Navels. You can eat them raw or simply juice them up for a colorful drink!

Whenever you are ordering organic oranges, it is important to do so from a trusted online supplier. Make sure you have checked on their reputation and performed a preliminary research about their reputation. You should also be able to put forth a few questions with respect to the quality of the product and the mode of shipment, before placing the order. Make sure that you order only when you are thoroughly satisfied with what is being offered to you.

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