How To Have Fun In A Millionaire’s Playground

How To Have Fun In A Millionaire’s Playground

When you think about St. Tropez, you might imagine the flashes of paparazzi cameras as celebrities step off their luxury yachts. This is the millionaire’s playground with properties that cost millions of Euros. The French Riviera is warm, sunny and full of gorgeous celebrities looking to top up their tan. So where does it leave the rest of us?

Affordable luxury and pampering is certainly available here. But if you want action and adventure, you can have that too. The Cote d’Azur offers some incredible climbs and aerial suspension courses. And all those water sports in the Mediterranean will certainly quench your thirst for high-speed action.


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If you are staying in the area, why not take advantage of some of that Cote d’Azur luxury that it is so famous for? You can enjoy a stay in a gorgeous villa with your friends, making use of some of the most beautiful properties. Many are situated in lush landscapes that make the most of the unique terrain. From there you can cycle throughout the region on routes that will definitely challenge you.

So how do you decide what you want to do here? It’s possible your budget will do much of the deciding for you. But if you can save up for a vacation this year, then the French Riviera is certainly the destination to head to. In St. Tropez, you can make the most of the water. There is tuition available in sailing and powerboating. You can also brush up your skills on a wakeboard or hire a jet ski for the afternoon.

If you fancy a good workout, then why not take a kayaking tour of the coastline? There are plenty of good spots for some serious swimming too. There are often competitions in the area if you fancy going up against some of the local talents. After all those workouts, you may be in the mood for a good drink.

The nightlife in St. Tropez is very good. There are plenty of choices for restaurants, entertainment, bars and nightclubs. You might want to head to some of the most exclusive venues for some celebrity spotting. Alternatively, have an early night then head out to surf at dawn. The sky and the light on the beach look amazing.

Vacations on the French Riviera are not the cheapest, but they can be affordable if you plan your break carefully. More and more families are heading to the region because there is so much to do. There is also plenty to see off the beach. If shopping is your thing, then you won’t be disappointed with the choice of designer fashion boutiques.

For a more historical tour, check out the Citadel. There is far more here than first meets the eye. It gives you some idea of what this little place was like before the first yachts came in. The Place des Lices town square is a strange sight to behold. In the background, you will see the glamorous Ferraris and Porsches. But right in the square you will find some of the long term residents enjoying their retirement with a game of Boules.

St. Tropez is a favorite celebrity haunt, but it can be full of action and adventure for you. Plan this trip well and it could certainly be affordable. If nothing else, you can say you’ve holidayed at the French Riviera!


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