How to make London your romantic hotspot this Christmas

Most recently there have been some interesting first dates being described online, from people visiting famous theme parks such as Alton Towers or dates involving tours of Stonehenge. However, you don’t really need to leave London as this is a beautiful historical city full of restaurants, bars, art galleries, theatres and royal parks. It’s a city prime for romance, packed full of activities that will suit everyone. Whether you and your partner are fresh-faced from the countryside, a coffee-chugging city-dwelling couple or a pair of suburbanites, London is the most romantic place to enjoy a date or three. And it’s true what they say about London – the city never sleeps. For night owls and day birds alike, London is the true capital of romance: there is no better way to spend a first date that touring around London.

Traditional Romancer

For the more traditional romancer, there is little lovelier than a visit to Royal Greenwich Park with your loved one. Wrap up warm and walk along the world-famous Prime Meridian line at the Maritime museum where you will enjoy breathtaking views of the city. Take a stroll through the secluded and meticulously pruned rose garden to the hidden deer enclosure. If it’s snowing, remember to bring a sledge, gloves and a warm jacket to tackle those perfectly sloped hills.

Cosy Pub Night

Why not amble into the old town of Greenwich for a locally brewed beer in a cosy pub in front of a roaring fire, or sample the British iconic classic dish of pie and mash with liquor (great to warm those cockles). If mincemeat pie isn’t to your taste, then head over to the Borough indoor market for a selection of exotic foods from all over the world. The biltong – lean meat that’s been salted and dried into strips – stall always has a long queue at lunchtime, and you can sample the delicious neighbouring vegan cupcakes close by. Later, extend your walk, hand-in-hand, to the bank of the Thames and stroll through the superbly preserved grounds of Trinity College.

Cultural Romance

If you’re after a modern cultural experience, head straight to the city where you’ll find a wide range of galleries, performances and restaurants at your disposal. Leicester Square tube station, while very busy, is nonetheless an ideal starting point for those in search of a good time with their partner. The tube station is close to the decadence of Soho, the bright lights and shops of Oxford and Regent Street and the historical monuments at Trafalgar Square. You can even visit the huge Norwegian Christmas tree in the centre and watch people sing carols beneath its twinkling lights.

You and your beloved can enjoy the finest restaurants, cafes and bars in Knightsbridge, the latest cinema screenings in Covent Garden or you can take in world-class theatre and musicals in London’s West End. For day-trippers, the National Portrait Gallery overlooks Trafalgar Square and the British Museum is a quick bus ride away. From there, it’s down to you both to enjoy.

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