How to Save Money on Your London Trip

How to Save Money on Your London Trip

Is a tight budget holding you back from planning a London trip? Worry not, because there are ways to save money on your trip to London. For first time visitors, London may seem an expensive city. However, once you learn some tips, you can actually cut down your expenses considerably, without having to compromise on the comfort and convenience.

Start by choosing a budget hotel that is strategically located. For instance, you can book one of the budget hotels in Belgravia London like Victoria Inn London. This ensures that you are staying close to some of London’s most popular tourist attractions, such as, Victoria Coach Station, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Belgravia London, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, Royal Albert Hall, Harrods London, and Brixton Academy. This means that you save a lot on your transportation costs. In fact, you can actually walk up to some these places. If you need to visit a distant place like Oxford Street in Central London, you can travel conveniently by tube.

Tips for Touring London on a Budget

When you visit an unknown place, a lot of our money goes in travelling, eating and shopping. Ideally, you need to find ways to save money on these things. Here are some useful tips.

  • Use an Oyster Card for transportation – London offers several transport options, such as, bus, train, taxi, and tube. If your hotel is located close to a tube station, nothing could be more cost effective, comfortable, and convenient than travelling by tube. You can save more by using an Oyster Card. The card enables you travel as many times as you want in a day at an affordable price. If you book the card after 9:30am, the cost would be even lower.
  • Visit free attractions – Many popular tourist destinations in London can be accessed for free. Some major options include the London Eye, the Tower of London, the British Museum, Albert Hall Museum and many more. If you choose to stay at a budget hotel in Belgravia London, you can visit these places conveniently.
  • Compare meal prices – Prices of meals vary widely depending on where you want to eat. For instance, you can expect cheap yet quality foods in Harrods. In comparison, the price of meals in some other parts of the city is quite expensive. So, it is very important to compare and choose where to dine. Similarly, drinks are also available in varying prices. All you need to do is to keep your eyes open and look for quality items for cheap.
  • Shop around – If you are planning to do a lot of shopping when in London, you should also choose where to shop. For a same item, you may find different price tags in different places. This is exactly why you should shop around and look for budget items without compromising on the quality. Some good places to shop are Borough Market and the Portobello Road market in Notting Hill. You will find electronics, costumes, fashion accessories, and some delicious foods in these marketplaces.

With careful planning, you can save a lot of money on your London tour. You can save by booking rooms in your chosen hotel in advance. Some hotels also offer seasonal discounts. It would be a good idea to grab these offers.



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