How To Take Your Family On The Ultimate Ski Holiday

If you are thinking about a holiday with a difference next year, put skiing on the list. Some people grow up with regular ski breaks, but most of us never get to experience the slopes. Why is that, I wonder? Firstly, people often have the misguided idea that the holiday os beyond their financial reach. That isn’t always the case; you just have to plan well to raise funds and get the best deal when the time comes.

There are many advantages your children will benefit from on this once in a lifetime experience. Maybe you spend too much time sunbathing when you go off on your usual adventures, and your children become bored quickly. After all, beaches all start to look the same when you have seen a few of them in the tropics. This holiday is a chance for you to enjoy an activity as a family, and there is nothing more important in life than that. You will encourage your kids to learn a new skill and have fun, while they build memories that will last them forever.

Here are my ideas for how to take your family on the ultimate ski holiday.

Don’t Go During The Main Holidays

If you want to keep the cost down, avoid the peak holiday weeks. Don’t worry, the snow is still there before and after that time, so you won’t miss out on anything. You must approach your children’s school and ask them for some time off. The school might not like it and could apply a charge if you take the kids without their permission, but you have to do what you have to do. The experience your children will gain is more important than one or two weeks of schooling, in my opinion. The decision of the school is influenced by the amount of time the kids have had off during the term already. Always try to send them to school when they are ill, unless it is severe, of course.

The guys at know that many families have to use the off-peak weeks in order to enjoy a vacation, so they still provide full facilities when the resort is open.

Package Deals

The internet allows us to search out the best deals. Some people still think that you pay extra to go on a package holiday, but the opposite is true. If you buy separate flights, book a hotel, and arrange the airport transfers, the cost will be high. Is it worth all of the hassles when you can make one booking to cover everything?

There are often deals with children when you book a package holiday. Some may offer a holiday for a family of four with a BOGOF (book one, get one free) arrangement for your children. They are a fantastic way to save your hard-earned cash. Always read the small print because there might be a catch whereby they can claw some of that money back.

Search out any other discounts that might be available. There might be a discount available for single [parents, for example.

Understand what the package includes so that nothing takes you by surprise. Are the meals included? Make sure that breakfast, lunch, and evening meal are in with the price if that is what you want. Sometimes it isn’t clear, and you have to read the wording carefully.

Your children will benefit from some expert tuition and tit is included in some packages. Look out for it because it is an expense you could do without when you are over there. With the best will in the world, an incompetent dad can’t impart the wisdom that your kids need.


Paul Williams

How To Fund The Break

Even with the best deal out there, you still have to pay for your holiday. Here are some tips on paying for your adventure. I suppose you have to work extra hard to fund any vacation, and this one is no different.

  • Put some money aside every week throughout the year, not just in the run-up to the holiday.
  • Take on extra work for a couple of months. Maybe you could work nights in a supermarket. It doesn’t take long to earn the cash you need.
  • Run a micro-business by buying and selling. Car boot sales are great places to hunt for bargains that you can then sell for a profit online. There are plenty of internet auction sites and social networks where you can display your wares.
  • Sell something of value. Maybe you have an expensive luxury car that you don’t need. The running and repair costs are probably high, and it might be diverting money from your holiday fund.

Equipment You Will Need

There is no need to spend a fortune on top gear that you might only use for a couple of weeks. The mid-range ski clothing is adequate for your needs. After all, you will not be heading into the off-piste wilderness for days on end. Alternatively, check out the online auction sites to see if you can pick up a branded gem. There are people who go skiing once and sell their stuff afterwards, so you can pick up nearly new stuff for a bargain price.

I don’t recommend that you invest in skis just yet. They are awkward baggage that you don’t need for your first time on the slopes. Hire some top quality items from the resort. They understand the correct ski for your level of ability and will advise you. The ski hire might all be part of the package deal, so they needn’t cost anything at all.

You might return from your family ski trip battered and bruised, but like many before you, there will be a smile on your face. Have you ever noticed how people who return from a skiing holiday bore you silly by regaling you with every little detail? Now you know why. You will have the time of your life on the slopes, and your kids will love every second of it. Never mind the cast on your leg. That will be off in a few weeks!

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