Keeping Your Jewelry Safe while Traveling

Keeping Your Jewelry Safe while Traveling

Vacation time has arrived! According to Houston Gold Exchange (, a provider of gorgeous diamond rings, with all the excitement of packing the perfect clothes, making sure every detail is in place for that plane trip, train ride, or cruise ship adventure, it is easy to lose sight of the little details that go along with preparing for a holiday. Making sure any precious jewelry remains safe should be at the top of your list during this vacation. Here are some tips for making sure everything remains in your possession from start to finish.

Take a Photo Inventory

For homeowners, a photo inventory of their jewelry should already exist. If you don’t have one, now is the perfect time to start one. Also contact your home owners or renter’s insurance agent to see if your jewelry is covered while you are on vacation if you won’t be taking it with you. It is smart to insure valuable jewelry with a dedicated policy.

Keep Jewelry in a Carry-On

Keep your jewelry with you when traveling. By packing your jewelry case in your carry on luggage, you eliminate the small chance that an unscrupulous baggage handler will pilfer it. You also eliminate the risk of it disappearing inside a lost bag, although a very small percentage of travelers experience this frustrating event. By keeping your jewelry safely by your side in your carry-on, you can travel worry free. The Transportation Security Administration recommends that when carrying valuables like jewelry, you ask for a private screening to prevent other passengers from seeing your valuables, adding an additional layer of security.

In Room Safe Deposit Box

Ideally a room with a safe deposit box built in is the most convenient and safest way to protect your jewelry once you have arrived at your destination. Keep pieces of your collection secured in the lock box when you aren’t wearing them. Don’t leave your jewelry on the bathroom counter after removing it, place it immediately in the lock box, so it isn’t forgotten. Most maids are honest, but is best to remove the temptation. Remember that the in room safe may not be covered by hotel insurance; double check with the front desk before traveling.

Hotel Safe

When you can’t get a room with safe deposit box, ask to place your jewelry in the hotel safe. As mentioned, often the hotel’s insurance covers any loss. By storing your entire jewelry case, you prevent the flash of your gems from drawing interested eyes. If you can find a hotel that allows you to use your own lock, that will another layer of protection.

Travel Safes

There are a number of innovative travel safe models available. Models vary from durable “steel flex-cages” to heavy plastic “Aqua” safes. You can choose the size best fits your needs. You can even hide them in plain sight inside a safe made to look like a chip container or a black top you hang in the closet. Although clever, your jewelry is still at risk if you choose to protect your jewels with a sense of humor.

However you decide to ensure the safety of your jewelry while traveling, you must remain vigilant. Remember to keep your bag within your sight and grasp when checking in and out of your hotel. Don’t forget to remove your jewelry from the safe at check out. Remember to stay with your bags until they are loaded/unloaded from the taxi and transported into the hotel. You can enjoy a worry free traveling experience when it comes to your jewelry by being proactive.

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