Knowing When To Replace Your Motorcycle Tires



If you are new to motorcycle ownership, you may still be learning as you go along.  One of the most important things you should understand is when you should replace your motorcycle tires.  There are some things you need to do however, before you start looking at motorcycle tires for sale.  Knowing when it is time to change tires can be tricky and is something you will most likely learn with practice.  Obviously, tires that are over worn need replacing, but it may be other reasons also, such as they are too old, damaged or you just want to change the size, brand or style.

In the following post we hope to give you a brief run-down of some of the aspects of your tires you should be looking at before deciding whether yo replace them or not.

The Tread

As noted in the opening paragraph, the most obvious reason for replacing tires is if the tread has worn out past a safe depth.  This is because when a tire is over worn, it can create safety problems because of less grip and could even lead to blow-outs.  You should periodically check the depth as part of your daily/weekly motorcycle maintenance.


It should really go without saying that a tire with damages is an unsafe one.  Any major imperfection in the tires on your bike can make them unsafe to ride on.  To avoid accidents or costly damages, inspect your tires regularly to ensure they are undamaged.  Look for damages and imperfections such as missing lugs(on tires that have them), uneven wear, broken chords, bumps and anything else that looks out of the ordinary.  When you come across imperfections, that is when you need to start looking at bike repair parts.


The interesting thing about tires is that it doesn’t matter how many miles you have used them for, they can still age and breakdown.  Although there is no precise age limit for tires to reach, they do gradually deteriorate over the course of time.  One of the big give-aways that your tires are too old is if they have become weather checked.  This is not always the case with tires though, as many manufacturers have added anti-oxidants that help stop exposure to air effecting the tires.

It may also be that the integrity of the tires is compromised as a result of old age, which is why it is wise when looking at the best online motorcycle store for tires that you buy the model with the most recent manufacturer date.

Model Or Style Change

It could also be that you are looking at bike repair parts, because they are not what you are looking for now.  Perhaps you are looking for a tires with higher mileage capabilities or are looking for tires with greater traction and grip.  It could be that you just want to try a different model or brand.  Always remember to research though the group of tires that are best suited to your bike model and style of riding before purchasing.

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