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Krakow attracts millions of tourists every year. It’s fascinating history, amazing buildings and museums and well-developed tourist infrastructure are the basis for this attraction. Lots of professional, qualified guides help to make the experience of visitors even better. For you trip to Krakow, here are some of the places that a guide can help bring to life and make your visit truly unforgettable!

What Krakow guides can do for you

We definitely recommend Krakow sightseeing with a guide for new visitors to Krakow, whether in an organized group or not. Guides not only serve as your walking, talking historical resource but they can also help with any number of the practical matters associated with travelling. They can take a lot of stress and responsibility off you for a very reasonable fee. On top of all that, sightseeing with a Krakow guide comes with all the little extra nuggets of local knowledge and details that you don’t find in guidebooks.


The most popular Krakow Tours

A walk around the Old Town usually starts with a path called the Royal Route and takes in all the most important places, from the remains of the old city walls, the main square and Cloth Hall, St. Mary’s Church and Grodzka street all the way to Wawel Castle. Listening to Krakow guide explain the origins of the famous altar in St. Mary’s will surely be among the most memorable moments of your trip to Krakow.

The Royal Catherdral and Castle on Wawel hill are places of extraodinarily rich history. Guides can help you to get more out of your stay in the castle complex by helping to arrange reservations for the many exhibits that are hard to get tickets for on the day. Avoiding the crowds and going straight to the front of the line saves time that you can use for getting more into your day of Krakow sightseeing.


You can have a very unique experience just a few minutes away from Wawel in Kazimierz, the old Jewish Quarter of Krakow. You can arrange for your visit to be organized around certain themes that you guide can focus on. For centuries, Kazmierz was an area where the Christian community (with its Baroque Skalka church and medieval Corpus Christi and St. Catherine’s churches) lived right next to the Jewish neighborhood (where you can see their seven synagogues today). The sites in Kazimierz can be an introduction to a deeper understanding of the fate of Krakow’s Jews during World War II and make it clear why Steven Spielberg chose to film much of Schindler’s List here. Just across the river from Kazimierz is the Podgorze district, site of the Jewish ghetto as well as Oscar Schindler’s factory.

Krakow is full of great places that a local guide can add your tour to make it even more special. It’s full of sites that are hard to get to if you don’t know your way around and places that don’t get many visitors at all because they’re off the beaten path. You might be able to make your way to, for example the incredible Bendictine Abbey at Tyniec but it’s a lot easier with someone who knows how to take you straight there. Go to for more information about how easy it is to hire a local guide.

Museums with Krakow city guides

Bear in mind that only licensed guides have the ability to take you through certain museums, including the Underground Museum in the main square and the Schindler Factory Museum, two of the most popular attractions in the city. They’re both divisions of the Krakow City Museum and offer amazing trips into the past. The first offers a fascinating look at aspects of ordinary life in Krakow in the Middle Ages and makes great use of modern interactive methods to share its treasures. This is definitely a must-see but especially for families with kids. The museum in the Schindler factory shares what life was like in the city during the Nazi occupation as well as a look at pre-war life in the Jewish community. It’s extremely well done and not to be missed. Taking your guide to these places means you don’t have to bother with reservations for one of their guides. It’s worth visiting both places with a specialist who can enrich your visit with extra details and background.

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