Moving to the Cayman Islands

Moving to the Cayman Islands

The Caymans are a beautiful place to move to. They are an exotic destination, surrounded by a rich culture that creates an exciting new environment. But, before you sub-lease your apartment and give a two week notice, there are a few things you may need to know.

Immigration to the Cayman Islands

The process of immigrating to the Cayman Islands from the United States is relatively simple. According to the Cayman Chamber of Commerce, you will not need a passport or a visa to enter the Islands or to remain for any length of time. However, you will need to retain a round-trip or return trip airline ticket in your belongings or on your person. This ticket must be routed back to your country of legal residence.

If you are immigrating to the Cayman Islands from a country other than the US, you will need a visa and/or passport to enter the countries that are en route to the Caymans from your starting location.

When moving to the Cayman Islands, you may want to take your pets. This is permitted with the fulfillment of certain requirements. A pet owner must have a valid import permit or animal passport for his or her dog or cat. This permit or passport must be issued by the Department of Agriculture. Also, your pet must be healthy enough to obtain a certificate of health issued by an accredited veterinary inspector or a government employed inspector. Lastly, you must complete an application and submit it before your travel to the Caymans.

Lifestyle and Culture

In order to be accepted as a full-time resident, you must have a good character, be a person that is willing to contribute to community and have a means of self-support. This lends to the belief that the lifestyle and culture of Cayman residents is one responsibility, both to oneself and to one’s neighbors. There are various procedures to follow for applying for either short-term or long-term residency.

Once you are in the Caymans, the culture is one of “Caymankind”, where community is held together by a shared concept of mutual courtesy and caring. The population of these islands is made of more than 135 nationalities, all cohabitating peacefully as day to day life centers around the sea and tourism. Due to the 1.5 million visitors that local residents help care for annually, the Islands have a large service industry. This includes resorts, spas, restaurants and other service-related fields.

Job and Work Placement

As with many cultures, naturally-born citizens are offered job placement first. According to Personnel 2000 however, due to the robust and growing tourist trade in the Cayman Islands, there are currently plenty of jobs to go around. Once an attempt has been satisfied to fill a position with a natural citizen of the Cayman Islands, the position is offered to others. The Caymans sport a Professional Development and Training Centre which offers courses on job training and development. There are also continuing education courses for those that feel they need them.

The Cayman Islands are an inviting haven that few can find fault with. There are exciting opportunities to be had and a lifetime of memories to be gained.

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