My Top 5 London Cycling Routes

My Top 5 London Cycling Routes

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Cycling in London is always a pretty unique experience and sometimes nothing can beat just getting on your bike and riding in whichever direction you feel like: you’re bound to find something! However, sometimes it’s also fun to try a more structured approach to your ride, and there’s no shortage of routes from short to long, central to the fringes, hilly to flat, to choose from. In this article I’m going to have a look at the top 5 best London cycling routes I’ve cycled along.

Number 5: The Long One

This is the longest route on my list, and is a great cycle ride for the more green-centred rider – as well as taking in most of the common sites in Central London, it winds through quite a few parks along the way such as Hyde Park, Regents Park and Hampstead Heath. It’s also a hefty cycle at a touch under 20 miles each way, starting in Southwark and ending up at Finsbury Park, where you can grab a drink: The Faltering Fullback is a good place to start.

The full route in detail, with directions can be found here:

Number 4: The Tourist One

Even if you’re familiar with most of the sites around London, it can never hurt to do a classic route that will take in the best this great city has to offer. This route starts at Big Ben, which you really can’t miss, and takes you across the many bridges along this stretch of the Thames, taking you past scenery such as Somerset House, The Globe Theatre and St Paul’s Cathedral, before following the river down to the O2 arena. This route comes in at a pretty long distance of 15 miles, and should take 1hour 40minutes each way. There really is no beating a good tourist cycle around London.

The full route can be found here:

Number 3: The South London One

Moving away from Central London for this next route, we start in Brixton and do a loop down to Mitcham, taking in most of the parks and South London atmosphere along the way, ending up at Wandsworth Common, where there is no shortage of places to eat and drink. Mitcham and Streatham Commons in particular are nice scenic touches in this route, which isn’t too testing and comes in at just over 16 miles, and will take about the same time as route number 4.

The full route can be found here:

Number 2: Short but Gold

Coming in at Number 2 on this list, and the shortest of all of the routes, is this very green cycle path around Denham Country Park, which takes in a lot of scenic views and a fair amount of water features, differentiating it from some of the other routes. It’s only miles long, and it feels extra short due to the green surroundings. While it’s on the outskirts of London, it might be a good day out with the family as it isn’t very challenging and it’s a nice area.

You can find the route and directions here:

Number 1: The Ultimate Route:

Ok so i lied, the number 1 route on my list is actually the longest one, and gives a pretty good overview of the best cycling spots in London. Starting in Barnet town centre and ending in Bromley, this route goes through all manners of parks and North, Central and South London, giving you a real taste of the different sceneries they all produce. It’s a long one as well, taking an average cyclist just over 3 hours to complete one way, coming in at a distance of 35 miles.


My ultimate cycling route can be found at:


So that’s my top 5 cycle routes that I’ve cycled so far in London, with all the directions. Obviously every cyclist will be looking for something a little different in their journey, and whether you just want to have free roam of the city, or are looking for a good day out, hopefully these routes can give you a good idea of where to start.


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