Organising The Stag Doo? Exciting Places to Visit

Organising The Stag Doo? Exciting Places to Visit

Organising a stag do can be a real challenge, especially if you haven’t done it before, and so you’ll need to put a lot of thought into selecting the perfect location for your friend’s special occasion. While you’re obviously free to ask the opinion of other people in your group, as the best man, the final decision will be down to you. Remember, this event is all about spending an evening with the lads (possibly for the last time), and also doing something new and exciting. With that in mind, this article will bring a number of places to your attention, that you might like to consider.

Don’t misunderstand the point here, you probably don’t want to spend thousands on a posh hotel in Dubai or anything like that. In fact, sometimes it’s the cheaper places that offer the most enjoyment. As you will see in a moment, all the destinations highlighted in this post are guaranteed to be perfect for this occasion, so give me your full attention, and we’ll begin…


When most people think of Jamaica, they picture Rastafarians smoking slightly dubious herbs and spending their days worshiping the ex-Ethiopian king Haile Selassie. However, this isn’t an accurate representation of what you can expect to experience in this country. Sure, that goes on, but this place is actually renowned for it’s activities suited for adrenaline junkies. So, if you feel your group might like to try some white water rafting, or maybe you can picture them bungee jumping from the Flat Bridge over the Rio Cobre river, this destination is well worth a look.


Although most people don’t realise it, Turkey is an amazing stag do destination thanks to it’s world famous hot air balloon rides and organised parachute jumping. Some people can be a little nervous about partaking in activities like this in a foreign country, but there people who run things here are just as conscious of health and safety as we are in the west. Just make sure you bring your sun cream if you travel during the summer this year, as it can become very very hot indeed.  

Kentucky – USA

As it says on the website, Americas love of horse racing started here in 1875, and thanks to organisers making the event a regular thing, hundreds of thousands of people still tune into the Kentucky Derby each and every year. So, if you’re traveling during the summer, why not book your stag do trip around this weekend? Okay, so, horse racing might not satisfy the most ardent of thrill seekers amongst you, but it will definitely add a lot of excitement and suspense to your short holiday.


Lastly, opting to visit Switzerland could be the perfect solution if you, and the members of the stag party enjoy skiing or snowboarding. Maybe you all used to play out with your skateboards during the 1990’s? We’ll snowboarding isn’t really that different, and so you should have a fantastic time, regardless of the low temperatures.

Well my friends, that’s me done for today, but I hope you’ve now got some great ideas as to which destinations would suit your group best. At the end of the day, these few days will be all about the groom-to-be, so just try to have as much fun as possible.

See you next time!


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