Packing Your Family Holiday Essentials

Packing Your Family Holiday Essentials

Packing for a family holiday can be really stressful. There’s a lot of stuff to remember, so how can you be sure that you’re going to fit everything in? How can you be sure you won’t forget something important? Use this post before you start to pack to help you keep a clear head:

Write a List

I love writing lists for just about anything, so I especially love writing lists for travelling and packing. There’s just so much to remember! Write a list of all of the things you can think of off the top of your head. It can be especially hard to do if you have things to write down for your whole family. You’ll no doubt think of things as time goes on, so make sure you make this list well in advance.



Look Online

There are loads of ready downloadable lists you can find online, so go for one of them instead of you haven’t got time to make a list. You may need to adjust it a little, but it can save you the hassle of making one yourself if you’re not a list freak, like me.

Roll Your Clothes

Rather than folding your clothes like people usually do, roll them instead. Rolling your clothes is a brilliant way to save space, plus, you stop them from getting creased! You’ll fit so much more in your case and love the condition you pull your things out in. No iron needed.

Put Things in Your Shoes

Your shoes take up a lot of space in your case, but they have space inside of them. Utilize it! Place things in your shoes like socks, tops, and even perfume. You’ll save more space this way, so the only thing you need to worry about is weight. The weight can creep up when you include things like toiletries and medicines, so make sure you are sensible.

Buy an Approved Lock

Some suitcases can fall victim to random security checks at airports. You always think that it won’t be you until it actually happens to you. To avoid having your suitcase destroyed, buy an approved lock from the airport. Only you will know the code, but airport officials will be able to use a universal key on it if they need to. It’s a good way to keep your peace of mind and stuff safe.

Clothes for all Occasions

Although you’re probably browsing the summer sections of clothes shops eagerly, make sure you take a few things suited to all occasions. Will you have the right clothes if you want to do some adventure sports, or if the weather takes a funny turn? You want to have fun for all the family, so make sure you pack the appropriate clothes. You can’t be too careful when it comes to keeping kids safe and at the right temperature!

You should find packing for the family a breeze this year with these tips. Leave a comment to let us know how you got on!


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